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Gosaikunda – Famous Pilgrimage Place for Hindus

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About Gosaikunda

Located in Rasuwa district in Nepal, Gosaikunda is a place that has garnered a lot of religious significance in the Hindu community over many decades. The religious essence of the place among Hindus is so intense that a large number of them make it a point to go on a pilgrimage tour visit to this place to pay their tributes to the gods.

According to the legend in Hindu mythology, Gosaikunda is the same place where popular Hindu deities Lord Shiva made their heavenly abode. In fact, famous Hindu epics such as the Ramayana and the Mahabharat, as well as the Vishnu Purana and the Bhagwata Purana, have mentions of Samudra Mantham—a place directly linked with the origin of Gosaikunda.

If the legend is to be believed, then the whole pilgrim town of Gosaikunda actually came into existence with Lord Shiva’s Trishul, when he dug the land with it, giving birth to this holy place.

The water surrounding the place is believed to be extremely sacred and people from India as well Nepal mandatorily visit the area, especially during the main festivals of the place, i.e. the Janai Poornima festivals and the Gangadashahara festival. People who like adventure too take a keen interest in visiting the place, as it has a list of trekking trails that suit the adventure minds.

In fact from Gosaikunda, situated on the northern Kathmandu valley, a trekker can enjoy the breathtaking views of Ganesh Himlalaya as well as Annapurna Himalaya

Coming to the scenic beauty of the place, the main river, known as the Trishuli River, has its own set of fascinating aspects. One of which is, of course, the whole reference of being formed through the holy Trishul of Lord Shiva, and second is the fact that the river is frozen sleet for a whole period of six months every year, from the month of October to June, which is the winter season.

The other vital waterbody, Lake Gosaikunda was said to have formed by the lord’s trishul, after he dug the place in search of water as a quench of thirst, after he had drunk poison that could destroy the world, grief-stricken by the sad demise of his wife Parvati.

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