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Gopinath Bordoloi – Bharat Ratna Award Winner

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About Gopinath Bordoloi

Born on the 6th of June in the year 1890, Gopinath Bordoloi was a prominent political personality who played many roles in Indian politics, such as serving as the chief minister for the state of Assam, after India attained independence.

A famous independence activist, he was an ardent supporter and follower of Mahatma Gandhi’s principles and ideologies and believed wholeheartedly in the concept of a non-violent approach in achieving things.

Such was his dedication, that the then governor of the state of Assam Jayaram Das Doulatram, honored Bordoloi with the title of “lokapriya” before his name, which when translated into English means “the one who is loved by all.”

Graduating from the University of Calcutta, he finished his law degree and started practicing as a lawyer from 1917 in the city of Guwahati located in Assam.

He became a part of the Indian National Congress as a volunteer and actively took part in the freedom movements of the country, such as the non-cooperation movement.

His selfless dedication and work towards public good was well received by majority and this led him to become the prime minister of the undivided state of Assam prior to independence.

He was honored with the Bharat Ratna Award in the year 1999, posthumously after his death in the year 1950 at the age of 60.

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