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Ghatikachala – Ancient Temple Dedicated To Lord Narasimha

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About Ghatikachala

Located in the Vellore district in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Ghatikachala is a renowned pilgrim center that houses the famous and ancient temple dedicated to Lord Narasimha—the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. While the state of Tamil Nadu consists of a long list of temples, all dedicated to Lord Narasimha, Ghatikachala still happens to be one of the pivotal and most visited pilgrim spots.

According to legend, the origins of this place has two stories: the first one says that Lord Narasimha had himself visited this place making it a sacred ground, while the other says that it was a devotee of Lord Narasimha who frequently visited every temple dedicated to the lord and once it so happened that he saw a dream about a grand and beautiful temple in the spot, and hence, the very next day he informed all the local villagers about the same. The dream of his led to the construction of the ancient temple located here.

Rituals and puja are conducted every day in the temple and many festivals are celebrated in great spirits as well. It is the festival of Narasimhautsava celebrated in the month of March that happens to be the main festival here. The ideal time for tourists’ visit here is between March to October.

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