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Galathea National Park

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About Galathea National Park

This national park is arranged in the UT of Andaman & Nicobar Island. The precise area of this park is in Nicobar Island (situated in the Bay of Bengal).

This park is spread over a region of almost 110 kilometers. Amid 1992, this park is announced a National Park through a journal warning.

This park likewise incorporates another national park to be specific to Campbell Bay, which is really 12 kilometers far situated from Galathea.

The extravagance of natural life is found in the Great Nicobar biosphere. In this national stop, various species are discovered including endangered as well.

These species incorporate Giant calfskin back turtle, water screen reptile, reticulated python, and endangered Nicobar tree shrews, wild pig, crab, Malayan box turtle, palm civet, and fruit bat and so on.

The summer temperature in this district may be as high as 22-degree c. The yearly precipitation is about 3,000-3,800 mm.

Flying creatures, for example, Nicobar long-tailed macaque, megapode, Nicobar scrub-fowl, the edible nest swiftlet, and so on can be seen here.

Malayan box turtles, water monitor lizards, reticulated pythons, giant leatherback turtles, saltwater crocodile, and so on are some essential reptile types of the park.

Subtropical and tropical sodden broadleaf timberlands spread huge pieces of the park.

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