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FryDay – Govinda is set to be back with a much-awaited bang on 25th of May

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About FryDay Movie

Under the brilliant expertise of Abhishek Dogra, Govinda, and Varun Sharma starer FryDay is correctly said to be a “coming-of-the-age story”.

It is expected to put an end to Govinda’s dry period and would be a showdown of excellent comic timing and hilarious one-liners.

Personally, I am extremely excited about watching two iconic actors, Govinda and Varun Sharma along with other extremely talented and versatile actors including Sanjay Misra, Rajesh Sharma, and Bijendra Kala share the screen. The poster is quirky and the teaser trailer is eccentric and essentially idiosyncratic.

The title of the movie too, sparks curiosity in the viewers’ mind and effortlessly draws attention. Considering the team behind the movie, it is expected to have an efficient and effective screenplay and script and would combine all the elements of art Govinda is known for.

It brings together the superstars of comedy and maestros of comic timing. Although the actor failed to make a mark with his previous ventures, this movie seems promising and worth the money.

The movie is a definite must watch if you want to spend quality time with your family or have a giggle with your friends. It is appealing to a diverse age group and is the perfect recipe for a movie people can enjoy re-watching a few times.

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