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Filmywap – Download Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil Movies Free

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Do you love movies? Do you eat, breath, drink or live movies? Who doesn’t? Movies form a very important part of our lives. Be it Hollywood, Bollywood or even Tollywood each one of us as a certain genre of the movie which keeps us doing.

Be it having a bad mood or a time of celebration, movies need the reservation. One can watch movies at any time of the day to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

However, there are times when we don’t want to go to a mall and we want to just sit at home in our comfortable couch and relax.

We tend to spend hours browsing through the internet to download the movie we have been waiting to watch but end up being disappointed.

Do not worry. Here we have to let your movie buzz rush remain forever strong.


It is a leading website which allows its users to download all the pirated movie of their own choice. The movie could be from Bollywood, Hollywood or Tollywood, the website is flexible to let any movie get downloaded.

Filmywap also has a very user-friendly app that allows all its users to download any movie of their choice at any time of the day.

The website/app provides the following benefits to the users:

  1. The users can very effortlessly choose the movie of their choice. Unlike other apps or websites, the user will not be directed to 10 more links and land up with 0 downloads.
  2. Filmy wap as the name suggests is one of the biggest hubs of movies. It has itself 10,000+ movies. You name the genre and the website or app will have that movie stored in it which can be downloaded by the users.
  3. The software used by the technology company is advanced and modern. That is the website or the app does not contain a lot of bugs which makes it very easy for the user to use it. Moreover, the app is upgraded regularly to keep it clean and away from a number of adds.
  4. The app or website certainly focuses a lot on the privacy of the user. The users while using it do not need to worry about their information getting leaked.

Filmy wap no doubt is one of the best apps to download pirated movies within a fraction of second. But apart from that, there are a number of apps to download movies from such as Big star movies, Popcornflix, Viewster, etc.


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