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Everything about the beloved boat shoes

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Apt summer footwear is often hard to find. Middle-aged men have to grapple with the situation to select a pair that would look neither too old nor downright preppy.

The golden mean lies in a pair of boat shoes as it is flashier than a dress shoe, however, formal than a pair of loafers.

About Boat Shoes

Why boat shoes have such a strange name?

 A common misconception about boat shoes is about their name; several are of the faulty opinion that the stylish pair gets the name from its look – resembling a boat.

However, such a fallacy has to be disabused. The footwear was designed for sailors and workers, working on boat decks.

Also known by the name topsiders or deck shoes, the inspiration for them was drawn from the American Indian moccasins.

What materials are used in making desk shoes?

 Primarily, the topsiders were made using non-marking rubber and leather. However, with the growth of shoemakers’ fashion intellect, canvas material was put to use for making casual footwear.

The boat shoes are apt to be used in wet conditions. The major components of the footwear share the properties of water-repellent material.

Some shoemakers apply oil for optimizing the procedure of making the footwear water-resistant. Also, low profile design, side lacing and water-resistant hide make the boat shoes have high fashion quotient as well as usability.

If the deck shoe is having leather sole, then the uppers are to be treated with oil. However, if the footwear has rubber soles, then put a non-skid one to gain high traction.

How deck shoes caught the eye of shoe fashionistas?  

The topsiders make a great addition in the shoe racks of not only boaters but a demanding shoe cognoscente as well.  The pair has an undeniable hint of style as well as athleticism.

Such a style of deck shoes permits them to be worn without any socks. Nevertheless, as per many style experts, the choice of wearing socks depends on whether the wearer prefers going to the beach and/or boat with or without the footgear.

What will be matching attire with boat shoes?

 Whenever the topsiders have to be worn in a formal environment then jeans and the buttoned-down shirts fit the bill.

On the contrary, if the surroundings ooze casualness, then the pair can be teamed with khaki pants and a polo or golf shirt.

How to care and clean the deck shoes?

The topsiders are designed to withstand rough conditions aboard. Thus, the pair requires quality maintenance. The pair of casual shoes – if having a leather upper – must be given a quality oil coating.

The insoles of the topsiders must be removed and sprayed using approved shoe cleaner. All such work is required to maintain the pair’s suppleness and water resistance.

How to buy top siders online?

To online buy shoes, India has offered a variety of options. Many of the leading Indian shoemakers are opening their own online shopping portals for the convenience of a multitude of internet users.

Buying footgear online requires the buyer to do extensive research about the material used for making them and the price points.

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