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Ekart Partner Program: Benefits and How to Join


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ekart Partner Overview

Ekart Partner, a company specializing in logistics and supply chain management offers solutions to businesses of all sizes. Established in 2009 and based in Bangalore, India Ekart Partner operates as a subsidiary of Flipkart, an e commerce giant, in India. It has solidified its position as a player in the logistics sector.

A delivery person from Ekart Partner unloads packages from a van outside a customers residence.

The services provided by Ekart Partner encompass transportation, warehousing, inventory management and last mile delivery for its clients. By utilizing cutting edge technology the company optimizes its processes to ensure delivery of goods. With a network of warehouses and delivery hubs Ekart Partner caters to businesses operating even in the most remote areas of India.

In addition to its core logistics services Ekart Partner has ventured into initiatives promoting sustainability and eco friendly practices, within the industry. These initiatives involve utilizing vehicles for final mile deliveries employing friendly packaging materials and implementing energy efficient measures across its warehouse facilities.

As a result Ekart Partner has emerged as a frontrunner, in logistics serving as a role model for companies in the industry to emulate. Joining Ekart

Ekart stands out as a logistics provider in India offering dependable delivery services to its clientele. If you are considering joining Ekart as a partner here are some points to bear in mind. Meeting the


To qualify as an Ekart partner specific eligibility criteria must be met. These include;

  • Being a business entity based in India.
  • Holding a GST registration.
  • Employing one delivery person and owning at least one delivery vehicle.

Enrollment Procedure

The process of enrolling as an Ekart partner is uncomplicated and clear cut. Follow these steps;

  • Visit the Ekart website and select “Become a Partner” on the page.
  • Complete the registration form with your business particulars and submit the required documents.
  • Upon approval of your application you will receive an email confirmation from Ekart.
  • Proceed to sign the partnership agreement and commence parcel deliveries.

Investment and Expenses

Becoming an Ekart partner entails making investments and covering costs such, as acquiring or leasing delivery vehicles.Hiring delivery staff involves covering costs, for fuel, maintenance and other operational needs as paying a commission to Ekart for each delivery made. The total expenses will vary based on your business size and the volume of deliveries you handle. Nonetheless Ekart offers training and assistance to its partners to help them streamline operations and cut down on expenses.

Becoming a partner with Ekart presents an opportunity for businesses aiming to enhance their logistics capabilities and expand their customer base. By meeting the requirements and completing the registration process you can kickstart delivering parcels through Ekart. Grow your enterprise.

Operational Efficiency

Logistics Solutions

It ensures a logistics journey for its clientele by maintaining a network of delivery staff and vehicles for prompt package delivery. The company also enables real time tracking of shipments empowering customers to monitor their packages from dispatch to arrival.

Technological Innovations and Assistance

It utilizes technology to enhance customer experience. With a user app, in place customers can easily place orders, track shipments. Connect with support services. The company offers the clock customer support to address any inquiries or issues raised by customers.

Growth and Advantages

It provides perks to its partners, such, as pricing, flexible payment options and the opportunity to reach a wide customer base. Additionally the company offers training and assistance to help partners expand their businesses. By partnering with Ekart Partner businesses can anticipate growth as they tap into a large and continuously expanding customer pool.

To sum up, It delivers a logistics and delivery service by utilizing technology and a strong network of delivery personnel and vehicles. The company ensures round-the-clock customer support. Offers an array of advantages to its partners making it an appealing option, for businesses seeking to enhance their operations.

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