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Downloading the rummy game on Android or IOS

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Many people play cards along with their friends or relatives whenever they are free. Some card games are based purely on luck. But, you should apply your logical skills to play some games. Solitaire is one of the favorite games of many people. Many people prefer to play this game online. They should simply arrange the cards in a sequence of the same suit.

The cards are shuffled to different positions and the players should apply their skills to rearrange the cards in a proper sequence. Many people love to play the game of memory and sharpen their visual skills. They should recall the position of the cards that are placed in an inverted way. You enjoy playing games that are ‘skill based’.

So, rummy is also one of the games that require skills. It is a game played by 2 to 6 players. Many people prefer to play the game online. You can do rummy game download to play the game online.

Playing the rummy game

Before playing the rummy game, you should know the rules of the game. Rummy is a game played with a pack of 52 cards. These 52 cards are distributed to the players equally. If the game is played by 4 players, then 13 cards are distributed to each player.

Then, the players should try to form sequence of the cards. They should decide the ways to form sequences depending upon the cards available to them. The players should try to form pure or impure sequences.

Some of the examples of pure sequences are Ace-King-Queen, Jack-10-9, of the same suit. The impure sequences are the sequences that are accompanied by a joker. For e.g. If you are making a sequence of 9-10 and using a joker to form a jack, and then it is an impure sequence.

If you are using the cards of different suits belonging to the same ranking, then it is an impure sequence. The pure sequences hold the highest points. In the game, the joker does not hold any value.

In the game, the players should choose the cards from the pile or stock that are suitable to them to form sequence and discard a card that is not ideal to form sequence. They should try to form nearly four sequences. The player who is able to form sequences as early as possible wins the game.

But the winner should form pure sequences. If the player has formed many impure sequences, then he is not considered winner. After the players wins the game, then the card sequences of the other players are also checked.

You can leave the game if you are disinterested, but you should pick the card from the discarded stockpile. If you quit the game without picking the card, then you attract penalty.

In the game, Ace, King, Queen, are considered high ranked cards and the points for such cards are 10. The joker’s value in the game is 0.

Playing the game online

You can also play rummy online. To download the game, you should follow some simple steps. If you are downloading the game on your Smartphone, then you should go to the Playstore and find the app. Usually to download any game, you should mention your mobile number so; a secret code is provided to you. Then, you should enter the OTP provided to you and then download the game.

To download the game, you should visit the official website. Then, you should open the page entering your details such as mobile number. Then, you get a notification on your phone and you should open the link.

Then this link should be saved on your phone. Then, you should choose a card from the pack of cards available. Then, you can use the cards of the same suit without considering the ranking of the cards. You can also use the jokers or other cards that do not possess any value.

Then, after choosing the cards, then you should then press the button known as Install and then you should download the game. Then, you can open the app that is downloaded. When you are opening the app, you should mention your mobile number and enter the OTP provided to you.

Then, you can start playing the game whenever you want to play. It is a game that is downloaded free. Otherwise, you can also pay a paid game and also win prizes playing the game.

The process of downloading the game on Android is almost similar. You should visit the official website and then save the link. But before saving the link, you should view if the application is suitable for your version or format. Do not download the website if it is not safe for your mobile.

After the link is saved, then you can enter mobile number and then enter OTP. Then, you can click on Install and download the app. After the link is downloaded, then you should enter finish. Then, you can open the link and play online.  You can open the link anytime and play the game whenever you are free.

Advantages of playing rummy game

Many people play rummy game because it improves confidence. You can enhance your concentration power and apply your logical skills. You should try forming the best sequence of higher ranking.  In the game, you learn to select the card that is suitable and discard the card that cannot form sequence.

When you are playing the game, you learn to observe the cards of every player and also learn the cards that are available to them based upon the sequence they are trying to make. It is a group activity and hence you can build better team skills. You learn to grab opportunities picking the best cards.

Some people are playing rummy online to win cash prizes. They can learn the tactics of winning the game. You can also learn to make bonus points.

It is a game that helps you think in an innovative way and also learn to make appropriate decisions.

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