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Don’t Forget to Try the ‘Shah Rukh Khan Paan’ the Next Time You Visit Varanasi

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Bollywood’s own uncrowned king Shah Rukh Khan is known for the attention he draws from media and crowds whenever he is out in the spotlight. In fact, such is his popularity that the mere association of his name with something can get the fortune rolling, and that’s exactly what a Paan shop owner based in Varanasi did. Yes, you guessed it right! He named a special paan in his shop after the king of romance, calling it ‘The Shah Rukh Khan Paan.’

Satish Kumar, owner of Tamboolam Paan Shop situated in Varanasi, told the media that ever since Bollywood Superstar and his co-star from ‘Jab Harry met Sejal’ visited his paan shop during a promotional event held in the city, people bombarded him with questions about which paan did SRK get from his shop.

A witty Satish said that since then he had named a sweet paan (meetha paan) after the name of Shah Rukh Khan, even though it is made up of the usual ingredients itself.

Well, that’s quite a move, we would say!

So, don’t forget to savor this ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ special paan, the next time you visit Varanasi.

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