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Djayodhya Club – Alternative Sites to listen Music

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They are introducing India’s Top 8 Music Streaming Apps, each optimized for the most incredible music listening experience imaginable. Djayodhya club is one of them. We will discuss it in this article along with others.

Even though it’s been just a few years since we altered our routines, the way we listen to music while travelling has evolved significantly in recent years. Nowadays, most smartphone owners utilize a streaming service to listen to music on their phones, tablets, and even desktop PCs. This is because there are several inexpensive data packages available.

A list of the most outstanding music streaming services in India has been compiled to assist you in simplifying your life. To access some of these services, you must pay for ad-free streaming and offline listening features.

Djayodhya Club

Additionally, has several valuable features that enable you to listen to your favourite music even if your internet connection is slow, such as the option to record and play back your favourite songs later. Both applications and the djayodhya club website allow you to download tracks. Additionally, it has a “Music Manager” that simplifies the process of downloading music purchased from the djayodhya club.

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music is a subscription-based service that enables individuals to listen to music on the move. It is available for purchase online.

Just a few years ago, Amazon Prime Music made its debut in India. Since then, the business has developed at a breakneck pace. For a while, it was restricted to Amazon Prime members. Even those without a Prime membership may now listen to Amazon Prime Music for free.

Amazon Prime Music is a must-have service for those who already have a Prime subscription. It features a massive library of western music and an ever-growing local music collection. If you don’t already have Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime Music is an excellent substitute.

Amazon Prime Music is a perfect addition. Amazon Prime Music, which is available for free regardless of whether you have a Prime membership, is one of the most vital music services to use due to its extensive collection of both western and indigenous music. Additionally, it is one of the most complicated to use.


Spotify is a service worth checking out if you’re looking to listen to high-quality music from independent artists. Users like that it is free to use and has a large user base. Like Amazon Prime Music, Spotify offers a comparable service for free in the same way as it does for a subscription. On the other hand, Premium users may take advantage of services such as music storage on their computer and an ad-free experience.

Apple Music

Apple Music is a digital music service that enables you to listen to music on your computer or mobile device using the iTunes music player. Apple Music is a subscription service that requires payment each month.

Apple Music, a premium music streaming service, costs Rs. 999 in advance or Rs. 99 per month for an annual subscription, whichever is more expensive. It may be used in various languages, including English and Indian. It is irrelevant that this is Apple’s music streaming service since it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


If you like Indian regional music, it’s a good idea to download Gaana on your smartphone. A customised playlist will be created for you depending on your internet connection and listening habits and will contain music that each individual enjoys.

Gaana is an entirely free service. Gaana+ is a membership service that allows users to pay in advance for a year and get additional benefits.

YouTube Music is available for purchase via the YouTube Store.

YouTube Music is the primary source of music on the web. It’s a feature designed specifically for listening to music. Additionally, the programme provides free access to a large amount of material from around the nation, the globe, and the world. Subscribers to the subscription-based plan will get additional advantages such as ad-free streaming and other perks.


JIOSAAVN is the name of the joint venture between Jio Music and Saavn. It connects individuals to various music and artists through several media. JioSaavn is now available to everyone. Jio users may obtain a three-month free trial of the network’s pro version during the first three months of their subscriptions.

JioSaavn is a subscription-based video-on-demand service that enables you to view thousands of movies and television series at your leisure. Web browsers are also an excellent method to access JioSaavn, but they are not required.


Wynk Songs is a tiny indie record label based in New York. They distribute music on a variety of brands. Wynk Music is available to all Airtel customers who have an Airtel phone number as their primary phone number.

Additionally, there is a large selection of music and podcasts, and it consumes less bandwidth than other streaming services when streaming audio over a mobile connection. Wynk Music is available for Android and iOS smartphones.

Hangama Music

Hungama Music is both a music streaming service and a repository for a diverse variety of musical genres from across the globe.

Although it has become increasingly difficult to access, Hungama Music, a free music streaming service with advertisements, is still accessible. According to the corporation, it has more than 20 million users. Individuals who appreciate listening to traditional Hindi music can install the Hungama Music app on their smartphones.



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