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Discovery of Indian clubs

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History of Indian clubs

Indian clubs, also commonly known as “meels,” are exercise tools that became quiet famous during the 18th century, more because the Europeans took it to their land from India and that resulted in its growing popularity in the other international countries.

Their weight varies from one club to another, and some special clubs can weigh as much as 50 pounds. The weights of the clubs allotted to the people also depended upon the kind of exercises they wanted to do.

The clubs were swung in the air in a fashion as guided and directed by the instructor, quite similar to aerobic sessions which form a vital part of physical exercise.

The clubs also consists of various designs and painting on them done as per the interests of the artists or the owners, who have a knack of art.

The wrestlers from middle-east countries, including Persia as well as Egypt were the first ones to use the Indian clubs in their exercise routines and the practice and trend still continue today, most notably in South Asia, where pehelwans (wrestlers) use the equipment to build their strength and physique.

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