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Discover the History of Olympics Glory of India

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Olympics are a worldwide sports event. The game was established in the country of Greece in the 4th century AD. At the time of starting the game was only played by the Greece God.

India’s incorporation with this game begun when the Country was undertaking for the purpose of its freedom.

Olympics Performance did by India

Sportsmen in India had won gold for continuously 6 years in Hockey from 1928-1956. Though, India had participated in the year of 1900 with one athlete named, Norman Pritchard, who had won 2 medals, 2 silvers in athletics. India first had sent her team in the Summer Olympic Games in the year of 1920 and during that time continuously participating in every Summer Games.

  • The nation had also participated in various Winter Olympic Games starting in the year 1909. A few Indian athletes had won a total of twenty-six medals, gold, silver, and bronze, in all the summer games. India is also a country like Greece where games are generally believed to be played with utmost sincerity and clarity.
  • During the 1909 Indian hockey team had started in dominating in Olympics every session and has successively won 11 medals in 12 Olympics in the year between 1928 and 1980. This was the great performance done by the Country till day.
  • In 2008 the Summer Olympics, India’s Abhinav Bindra had won its first-ever gold medal for a 10m air rifle event. Saina Nehwal was the first and foremost athlete who won the world junior bronze medal in single women category.
  • India also competed Summer Olympics occurred in London July-August, 2012. It is counted that a told of 83 athletes, 60 men, and 23 women competed in 13 sports. It was India’s best-ever performance in Olympic to date.

India is the 2nd most highly populated country in the earth, but not able to produce that much of quality athletes comparing with China, which is the highest populated country in the world. India’s ranking is 55th in the world Olympic Games and we hope for the best performance in the coming Olympic games.

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