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Diksha Portal- National Teachers Platform for India

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What is the Portal of DIKSHA?


Diksha: National Digital Infrastructure for Teachers and students is a personalized platform currently being used by teachers (from both government and private institutions) across the nation for all the standards to help the students learn several concepts. For the easy understandability of the user, the portal is available in several languages.


For teachers, the platform helps teachers to consider their career span. They can plan out their career development from the time they enter school until their retirement and work on their skills accordingly. Teachers will also be able to participate, share their accomplishments, and have access to authenticate other teachers’ work to the current learning content.


Benefits-Teachers who participate in courses run on this portal will be able to expand systematically. On completion, they can receive badges and certificates that will prove useful for professional advancement.


Motto:’ Our Teachers Our Heroes’ strengthens the hands of the DIKSHA platform.


DIKSHA Portal’s features


Here are some critical DIKSHA portal features that you need to keep in mind before accessing them:


Code of QR


After scanning the QR code provided in their NCERT books, DIKSHA – National Digital Infrastructure for teachers and students can be accessed. The portal will develop suggestions and subjects that you want to research after scanning the QR code.


Language Inside


The platform can be used in both English and Hindi. Depending upon your comfort and convenience, you may use any language.


Based on Location


Second, the portal will ask for the place you belong to. For instance, as an option, you choose Delhi, it would further ask you to choose ‘sub-location’ means in which location you reside in Delhi. It will therefore show you the courses that are taking place in that area, from which you can choose the preferred course according to your skillset.


Based on Class


DIKSHA portal allows a student to select the class whose study material has to be accessed. Tap on the norm that you want to access and enter the SUBMIT button for the study content.


Mobile DIKSHA Service


The DIKSHA portal is an integrated platform that is also available for users of Android and iOS. The DIKSHA app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The mobile app is available not only for teachers but for students and parents as well. The software is filled with learning materials that fulfil the specifications of the specified school curriculum.


How will Teachers benefit?


 DIKSHA: Teachers National Digital Infrastructure is also available as a smartphone app. To create fun classroom experiences, it is filled with lesson plans, worksheets, and activities.


How will it help students?


Students who have access to the DIKSHA app will understand concepts clearly and interactively. There are features from which it is possible to revise lessons. The app also helps students to measure their learning through activities in self-assessment practice.


How will it help parents?


Parents can observe classroom events and clear doubts outside school hours with access to the DIKSHA app on their mobiles. It is a robust forum for all the concerned stakeholders to communicate without hassle.


The platform will help teachers improve their teaching skills and build their distinct profile with their skills and knowledge. It will help enhance the quality of education by taking advantage of the new technology sector. The Diksha initiative may also include government, private institutions, and NGOs.

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