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Dibru Saikhowa National Park

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About Dibru Saikhowa National Park

Dibru Saikhowa National Park situated in Tinsukia, state of Assam in India, the Dibru-Saikhowa National Park is spread over a territory of 350 square kilometers. Its area is between 27°30′ N to 27°45′ N latitude and 95°10′ E to 95°45’E longitude.

The park is situated at a separation of 12 kilometers towards the North of Tinsukia town. The park is situated at a normal elevation of 118 meters.

It is a biosphere hold which is limited by two waterways in the north named Lohit and Brahmaputra and in the south Dibru stream.

The park comprises of tropical damp deciduous forest, wet evergreen timberlands, meadows, and canebrakes.

The recreation center involves the biggest salix marsh backwoods in the upper east piece of India which is situated in the flood fields of stream Lohit and Brahmaputra. It houses numerous imperiled species.

The recreation center has exceptionally rich fish assorted qualities as a result of the auto stocking by stream Brahmaputra. It is one of the real hotspots of biodiversity.

The recreation center has numerous sorts of meadow and a considerable lot of its parts are wetlands.

The recreation center is said to be a hotspot of biodiversity as it has jumbles of semi-evergreen and deciduous timberlands mind marshes, stick and bamboo brakes.

The fundamental fascination in the untamed life of the Dibru Saikhowa Park is the white winged wood duck. The recreation center is the regular territory for this species.

The feral horses which are wild steed of brilliant shading are one of the surely understood species found in the recreation center. Dibru Saikhowa national park is extremely popular for this non-domesticated stallion

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