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Details of Setu Bhartam Yojana / Scheme

Setu Bhartam Yojana

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Setu Bhartam Scheme

Another ambitious vision of honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi is Setu Bharatam Yojana. In the year 2016, it was released. The ultimate goal of this Yojana is to construct bridges or bridges on national highways to ensure safe and convenient travel.

The primary purpose of this Yojana is to make all the railway crossings on national highways free by 2019. Rs. Fifty thousand crores are the projected expenditure for this project.

The system was established to create 208 new bridges. It also includes 1500 bridges intended to be expanded or restored or even replaced. The project is being carried out and implemented by the Department of Road Transport & Highways.

To avoid recurrent accidents and loss of life at level crossings, the Setu Bharatam programme has been initiated to make all national highways free from railway level crossings. For the construction of rail over-bridges or underpasses under the scheme, 208 locations at the cost of almost 10,200 crore rupees were identified.

About 1,500 bridges are being repaired that are over 50 to 60 years old. Railways Ministry and Ministry of Road Transport Highways both have signed an MoU to replace all level crossings by Road Over and under Bridges.

Leading causes of rail accidents in India is unmanned railway crossings, mainly in rural areas. The remove of all such crossings targeted for this year which will help to avoid such mishaps.

Setu Bharatam Yojana’s Objectives

The scheme was launched to overhaul the bridges on the national highways and make them free to cross the railroads over a set period.

Therefore, the scheme has outlined specific goals it seeks to accomplish throughout this project. Below are the goals specified under the scheme?

  • Focusing on national highways nationwide and building bridges across national highways across the country.
  • To build more than 208 bridges or bridges around the country on national highways to aid in the elimination of railway crossings.
  • To map the bridges under the bridge management system by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of mapping 1, 50,000 bridges across the nation.
  • To repair or refurbish 1500 existing bridges and to give them new life.
  • To enhance the quality of the bridges and reduce the number of accidents caused by faulty bridge construction.
  • Setting up a team to check and determine the quality of the bridges and to concentrate more on the upgrading of deficient quality bridges.
  • To provide or make it easy for commuters to travel by building bridges that will eventually lead to reduced traffic.
  • Using scientific techniques and technology to calculate distance, latitude, longitude, unique and sustainable designs and materials, etc.

Setu Bharatam Project Duration

The government launched this mega and ambitious project in the year 2016. This project was launched, and this project will be finished in record time.

The project aimed to finish the project by the end of 2019. In achieving its objectives, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways was successful, and the project was completed in 2019.

Setu Bharatam Advantages

The benefits of the programme that started in the year 2016 are the following:

  • It is a long-term scheme under which the state aims to build railways, ports, highways and utilities jointly.
  • It focuses on the safety of people.
  • It saves the time and resources of those using highways, such as raw material suppliers and buyers, would get fast delivery and be economical for them.
  • The programme will provide the country’s development with speed, power and strength.
  • There are water and electricity supply for railways so that these regions can have better facilities linked to the supply of water, electricity and other advantages.
  • Jobs in rural areas will also increase under the scheme.

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