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Data Science is shaping the future by offering global career opportunities

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Data Scientist is ranked #1 job for quite a few years now in the US by Many consultancies predict a high employment rate in the coming years. For instance, the BLS of the USA has predicted a growth rate of 27.9% for Data Science skills through 2026.

Experts claim that getting a Data Science job in the coming years is easy if you like Math, computers, and playing around with data to uncover answers and trends from a huge volume of data. If you are looking for the best opportunity to break into the Data Science domain, check out this Data Science Course in India to help you get started.

Data Science careers can encompass various technical roles that reward well. So developing Data Science skills will help you with the future where everything is run with the help of data.

The Data Science domain came up with various technical roles and is shaping the future we will be living in. There are many highly rewarding career paths in the Data Science domain that offer effective insights based on which our lifestyle and future are shaping.

Let’s now discuss the benefits of Data Science and exactly it will shape our future

Every company nowadays uses Data Science. Because they have started realizing its potential over every facet of the company and its operations.

Data Science professionals have to have skills to collect, shape, store, manage, and analyze data to help organizations to make data-driven decisions. Every form of online action involves data generation.

Amazon purchases, Netflix, YouTube Recommendations, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media feeds, and also the facial recognition system installed to smart devices.

Let’s take the best example of Amazon, an e-Commerce website. Amazon’s data set stores everything from what you ordered, how much you paid, how you paid, which products you searched, etc.

This data helps in customizing the home page of each and every customer to the data they generate. Each customer will see their feed to contain all the deals they will have higher relatability or higher chance of going over the products.

According to McKinsey Global Institute retailer’s profit margin increases by 60% due to Data Science. By enabling Data Science enabled insights, there is a win-win scenario for both customers as well as the company.

As customers will be able to buy things at a cheap rate when there’s an offer and companies can conduct more sales than what could have happened without proper data-backed decisions.

Data Science is surely influencing the purchasing habits of customers. But beyond this, it’s actually helping companies and businesses understand true customer behavior.

With the data integration and connected devices rolling out in a few years’ time, it will notify customers of their health and habits. This data will help in improving healthcare, diagnostics, and with it comes improved and enhanced treatment and operations.

With this, we can conclude that Data Science has critical applications in many industries. Data Science has its applications in Farming, Manufacturing, Drug development, E-Commerce, Gaming, and many other industries.

Let me brief you about some of the leading Data Science career paths:

Data Scientist

They need to do Data collection, cleaning, and then organize it to support data-driven decisions. They must analyze all of this raw data to process and churn out the best insight to support the decision-making process. To get started, you can start with a Data Science for Beginners Tutorial.

Applications Architect

Application Architects are professionals who track application behavior for apps used within a business. They majorly focus on designing the application architecture with components like infrastructure, User Interface, etc.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineers have to create data funnels and deliver software solutions. These professionals require strong statistics, programming knowledge, and software engineering skills.

Enterprise Architect

An Enterprise Architect is responsible for organizing an enterprise’s strategy with the required technology to achieve the set objectives. These professionals must have a good business understanding along with technical proficiency to design architecture to meet the set objectives.

Business Intelligence Developer

These professionals design and develop strategies that will help businesses to take quick actions based on data-driven insights to meet business targets and decisions. BI Developers need to develop BI applications for analytics purposes using BI tools to help end-users.


Even though many Data Science jobs will be automated, the need for qualified and trained Data Science professionals is still required. These professionals have to understand the business requirements, devise data-oriented solutions and implement them.

These Data Science experts are required in all areas of today’s economy. Today everything runs on data. As anything which can be measured could be improved. Data is the new oil, which is used to analyze and extract insights to set new standards and achieve new objectives.

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