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Darrah National Park

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About Darrah National Park

Spread over a zone of 250 square kilometers, Darrah asylum was the imperial chasing ground of the Maharaja of Kota. This spot is situated at a separation of 50 kilometers from Kota.

Later the district was given over to the Indian Government and authoritatively it was proclaimed as a secured territory in the year 1955.

The thickly lush Darrah Sanctuary is spread everywhere throughout the sloping territory close to Kota. A vast variety of untamed life is found in this area. This strange asylum has numerous species like cheetah, wolf, deer, nigai, and wild hog and so on.

The rich populace of natural life in Darrah Sanctuary comprises of wolves, panthers, chinkaras, sloth bears and so forth. There are a few types of reptiles and winged animals found in the haven.

It is a perfect destination for the individuals who need to oddity out for audacious exercises and has the energy for untamed life.

At Darrah Sanctuary one can appreciate trekking alongside wilderness safari. The green foliage spread everywhere gives a lavish green spread to the safari. Numerous restorative herbs are discovered only in this area.

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