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Coonoor – Most Significant Hill Station

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About Coonoor

Located in the Nilgiris district of the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Coonoor is primarily a taluk that serves as one of the most significant hill stations in south India.

It is the second-largest hill station in the Nilgiri Hills specter, the first being the popular hill station of Ooty. Coonoor stands at an elevation of 1,850 meters above the sea level and is quite a famous destination, especially for being prominent in the production of Nilgiris tea.

According to the 2011 census of India, Coonoor has a total population of around 45,500 people. The official language of this region is similar to the official language of the state of Tamil Nadu, which is Tamil.

Due to its elevation, Coonoor mostly has a subtropical highland climate, and it is pleasant throughout the year, unlike the hill stations of Ooty and Lovedale, which often gets frosts due to its extremely high elevation from the sea level.

Geographically, Coonoor is only about 79 KM away from the Coimbatore International Airport. The area is quite renowned for its trekking trails, which excite a lot of adventure sports lovers, who love to do trekking through the trails of Coonoor that ultimately lead to the top of the Nilgiri Hills.

The main economy of Coonoor is highly dependent on tourism, which gets maximum attention from tourists during the summer months in India, and also the tea industry, where the majority of the region’s population is employed directly or indirectly.

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The place also houses a list of popular educational institutes that are mostly residential in nature, surrounded by the picturesque sceneries filled with mountains and greenery making the ambiance absolutely perfect for studies and a calm mind.

List of tourist attraction sites in Coonoor:

  • Sim’s Park
  • Heritage Train
  • Highland Tea Factory
  • Brooklands Tea Factory and Factory Outlet
  • Lamb’s Rock
  • Dolphin’s Nose
  • Wellington Gymkhana Club Golf Course
  • Rallia Dam
  • Tranquil Tea
  • Laws Falls
  • Tiger Hill Cemetery
  • All Saints Church
  • Droog Fort
  • Oswal Syndicate

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