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Consult A Skin Specialist In Chennai And Follow This Daily Skin Routine

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Are you worried about your skin in the monsoon? If the answer is yes, then we are discussing various tips that will help to keep your skin healthy this monsoon.

The rain in the monsoon season is a relief, but they lead to various skin issues. There are pollution and humidity in the air. The excessive secretion of oil, harmful sun rays, and perspiration can lead to bacterial and fungal infections in the skin.

We are discussing various ways to keep your skin healthy for this rainy reason. If the condition gets worsened then you can also take the consultation of the best skin specialist in chennai

Tips for taking care of skin in monsoon

  1. Consume a sufficient amount of water-

    The humidity in the monsoon season leads to sweat, and sweating causes dehydration. You can consume a minimum of 8 glasses of water for glowing skin.

  2. Must-haves-

    It is quite essential to take care of your skin in monsoon. So, you must look for antioxidant and natural ingredients such as aloe vera, tea tree oil, neem, lemon extracts, honey, and tulsi. Also, keep antibacterial and antifungal lotion or ointment with you.

  3. Bath care-

    If you get drenched in rain or sweats in the rainy season then, take a shower. After you are all done with a shower, then dry yourself. Use warm water while taking a shower.

  4. Exfoliation-

    In the rainy season, you will experience that there is constantly sweating. Due to sweating, the oil builds up that make your skin look dull. So, it is quite important to exfoliate the skin with natural scrubs. You can either use the mixture of curd, oatmeal, and honey or honey, milk, lemon, and besan. The scrubbing will help to remove dead skin and open the pores.

  5. Cleaning, toning, and moisturizing-

    You are required to keep your skin clean. The skin can be cleaned with a soap-free face wash. You can also make a fruit mask at home. Don’t use alcohol-based toners as it will make your skin dry. You can apply rose water and glycerin toner on the skin. If your skin is dry then a nourishing moisturizer must be used. It helps to keep skin smooth. If your skin is oily then you can use a water-based moisturizer. It will help to balance oil secretion. Also, avoid bleaching the skin in the monsoon. If you still face a lot of skin problems that are not getting cured then you must take the advice of a skin specialist in Chennai

  6. Look at tresses-

    Humidity can result in sweat and frizz that attract dandruff and dirt. So, you must wash your hair frequently in the rainy season. You can clean your hair with mild hair shampoo. Also, you can take neem oil or hot coconut oil massage for removing dandruff and nourishing the scalp. Also, don’t go for the coloring of hair.

  7. Without make-up-

    The make- up in this rainy season can lead to the growth of bacteria and microbes. It is better not to use make-up and use hygienic products. The product must have antimicrobial ingredients.

  8. Use sunscreen-

    The harmful rays of the sun can harm your skin. The UV rays enter through clouds and can damage your skin. So, you are recommended to use a broad-spectrum and water-resistant sunscreen. Sunscreen must be at least 30 SPF. If you want more advice on sunscreen then you can go to a skin specialist in Chennai.


Quick reminders for smooth and glowing skin this monsoon-

  • Keep the skin safe from the Sun. The cloudy or rainy day doesn’t depict that your skin is safe. So, avoid exposure of your skin to the Sun.
  • Wash your face a minimum of 2-3 times a day. It will help to get rid of dirt, oil, and fungal infections.
  • You must take a lot of water to remove toxins and get rid of pimples and acne.
  • Avoid taking fried foods as it can lead to acne and break-outs.

Hence, it is quite essential to maintain hygiene. Also, make sure that your skin is clean and dry. Don’t share personal items such as clothes and towels with others. You must wear breathable cotton clothes. The synthetic and tight outfit can lead to sweating and skin infections.

If you are facing a serious skin issue then it is recommended to take the consultation of dermatologists in Chennai. You can take the appointment from the best Skin specialist in Chennai.



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