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The official website of the Council, for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) is “” CISCE is a national level board for conducting the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (and the Indian School Certificate (ISC) examinations for Class X and Class XII respectively. Established in 1958 this board has than 2,600 schools across India and abroad.

This website serves as a platform that provides students, parents and teachers with access to information related to CISCE examinations. It offers details about the examination schedule, syllabus, marking scheme as previous year question papers and sample papers to aid students in their exam preparation. Additionally there is a section for teachers that offers resources such as teacher training programs and curriculum updates.

Overall “” is a resource for individuals seeking information about CISCE and its affiliated schools and examinations. It facilitates access to information and resources that are essential, for students, parents and teachers alike.CISCE. An Overview

The Council, for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) is a recognized board in India that administers the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) for Class X and the Indian School Certificate (ISC) Examination for Class XII. CISCE, established in 1958 is a privately held organization dedicated to providing high quality education.

Historical Background

The goal behind establishing CISCE was to deliver top notch education to students across India and even abroad. The board has successfully achieved this objective by conducting transparent examinations while offering an academic curriculum. As a result CISCE has emerged as one of the sought after boards in India.

Vision and Mission

CISCEs vision is centered around delivering education to students and preparing them for challenges. The board aims to accomplish this by providing an well balanced curriculum that emphasizes excellence, character development and social responsibility. CISCEs mission revolves around fostering learning and personal growth among students by creating an nurturing environment.

Affiliated Schools

CISCE boasts a network of over 2,600 schools both, within India and internationally. The board follows a procedure when it comes to affiliating schools and only those schools that meet the boards standards are granted affiliation. CISCE provides support and guidance, to its schools ensuring that they maintain excellent educational standards.

To access information about the board, its exams and affiliated schools, students, teachers and parents can visit CISCEs website at The website offers a range of resources including syllabuses, sample question papers and examination schedules.

CISCE offers a variety of programs to students across India and abroad. These programs aim to provide students with a rounded education that prepares them for their endeavors.

One such program is the Class X) which’s a national level examination conducted by CISCE for Class X students. The ICSE syllabus is carefully designed to offer an education encompassing subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and a second language.

Renowned for its evaluation process the ICSE examination ensures that students are equipped with the skills, for higher education. Additionally, it includes assessments that foster analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

ISC (Class XII)

The Indian School Certificate (ISC) is an examination administered by CISCE for students, in the grade. The ISC curriculum aims to offer an education covering subjects like English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science and a second language.

The ISC exam is recognized for its evaluation process that assesses students understanding of the subjects. It also includes assessments that support students in honing their skills.

CVE (Year 12)

The Certificate in Vocational Education (CVE) is an education program provided by CISCE for Year 12 students. The CVE program is designed to equip students with skills and knowledge in vocational areas such as Hospitality, Tourism and Information Technology.

The CVE examination evaluates students proficiency in their chosen area through skill assessments and theoretical examinations that gauge their understanding of the subject matter.

Overall CISCEs academic programs aim to provide students with a rounded education that prepares them for endeavors. The rigorous evaluation process ensures their readiness, for education while the practical assessments foster the development of skills.

Information regarding Examinations

Schedules and Locations

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (and the Indian School Certificate (ISC) examinations, which are conducted by CISCE cater to students, in Class X and Class XII respectively. The official website of CISCE, is where you can find the examination schedule as the list of examination centers. Students have the option to download these details from the website.

CISCE has already made available the examination timetable for 2024. The 10th exams will take place between February 21 and March 28 in a pen and paper format. Similarly the ISC 12th exams are scheduled from February 12 to April 0. For both ICSE and ISC exams CISCE has published a list of examination centers on its website.

Results and Academic Records

To access their results for ICSE and ISC exams students can visit CISCEs official website where they need to enter their roll number along with other necessary information. Additionally CISCE offers an SMS service through which students can also check their results.

CISCE maintains records for all students who have appeared in ICSE and ISC exams. To obtain these records students must submit a request along, with the fee to the boards designated authority. These records are then provided in the form of a transcript.

Official Documents

Students who successfully pass ICSE or ISC exams receive certificates issued by CISCE as recognition of their achievement.The board also issues a pass certificate and a statement of marks, to students who have taken the exams but did not pass.

In case of loss or damage students can obtain certificates from the board. Additionally the board provides migration certificates to those students who wish to continue their education in a school or board.

To sum up CISCE offers support and information to students taking ICSE and ISC exams. The board keeps records of all students. Provides them with certificates and documents.

Resources and Support

Professional Development offers various professional development resources to assist teachers in their professional growth. These resources are specifically designed to keep teachers updated on the teaching methodologies and techniques. The website provides workshops, seminars and training programs aimed at enhancing teachers skills and knowledge.

Publications offers a range of publications for both students and educators. These include textbooks, study materials and other resources that help students prepare for their exams. Moreover the website also offers publications tailored for teachers and educators such, as teaching guides lesson plans and additional resources.

Do you have any questions, about and its services? You can find answers to frequently asked questions on the websites FAQ section. This section covers topics such as exam schedules, registration procedures and other important information. Additionally if you need assistance or have any concerns you can find contact information on the website.

Overall is a resource, for students, teachers and parents. It offers a range of resources and support to help students prepare for exams and excel academically. The website also provides development resources, publications and an FAQ section specifically designed to assist teachers in their growth and development.

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