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Chitrakoot – Most Prominent Hindu Pilgrim Spots

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About Chitrakoot

One of the most prominent Hindu pilgrim spots that have been mentioned in a list of Indian scriptures, Chitrakoot is a small town located near Bundelkhand, on the border of the Indian states of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The town is rich in culture, history, as well as religion, and has a long list of the legend associated with it.

Going by the Sanskrit interpretations, the word Chitrakoot actually means the hill of many wonders. The town is enveloped with picturesque beauty, in the form of the Vindhya Mountains that form the backdrop of the place, and the Mandakini River that just flows nearby.

What makes Chitrakoot such an intriguing place for the pilgrims is the fact that this is the place where Lord Ram, his wife Sita, and his brother Laxman had spent their 14 years of exile.

Other than this, Chitrakoot also has a list of temples, as well as ashrams, open to all of those who seek to explore their own spiritual side. The main hub of Chitrakoot is called Ramghat, where many pilgrims can take the boat services to pay a visit to a list of temples through the river.

Although Chitrakoot is bustling mostly throughout the entire year, it is wise to visit the place during the winter months between October to March as these months are the best time to enjoy the pilgrimage.

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