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Childhood stress and skin cancer—Should you be worried?

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About Skin Cancer

It is often said that childhood is like water—it takes the shape of the container. The thoughts you inculcate in a child’s mind, the stories you tell them, are bound to be molded by it unless of course they grow up and have the idea of believing in things through sense experience.

However, tragedies, stress, neglect are some imposters in childhood that makes a perennial mark in one’s life and often adds to a number of complications in an individual’s later life.

A recent study has revealed that early exposure to stress and turbulence during one’s childhood can actually dampen the person’s immune system and make him/her more vulnerable to skin cancer.

The study was conducted by scientists at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and mainly focused on BCC—Basal Cell Carcinoma, a form of skin cancer tumor which is considered to be benignant. The scientists suggested that a person’s immune system is enough to deal with this type of cancer and combat its effect the body.

However, a disturbing and stressed childhood results in a significant weakening of the immune system, making it less capable of fighting against the BCC tumor.

Not just this, any tragic, shocking event in one’s life can hamper an individual’s immunity so much that dealing with other kinds of ailments other than skin cancer, like ovarian cancer—which also caused by immunogenic tumors.

Hence, it is advisable for parents to take keen notes of their children’s health and ensure that the kids don’t go through any forms of stress, like early exposure to stress, getting neglected in the house can actually lead to a lot of health issues in the future.

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