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Shillong Teer Result is lottery-style lottery-based games played with two rounds. Tickets can be bought at Teer Betting Centers located throughout Meghalaya and results can be checked online; for an increased chance at success use strategies or mathematical formulas to increase chances of winning.

To predict Shillong Teer hit numbers, use the provided formula chart. This provides an easy way of calculating the probability that specific numbers hit their target number.

How to play

Shillong Teer is an exciting game that blends gambling with archery. Popular among locals of Meghalaya and visitors from across India alike, Shillong teer offers visitors an engaging cultural and historical experience of Meghalaya’s rich past and culture. However, remember this form of gambling does not guarantee you will win every time; with patience and consistent play you may soon start winning at Shillong Teer!

The game takes place in a large stadium with many betting counters scattered throughout. Each betting counter offers various seating capacities, allowing players to select which seat they would like to place their bet. These counters typically open during weekdays to sell tickets for both rounds of a match, plus provide refreshments at their respective seating counters. There is also food and beverage service at each stadium location.

Teer shillong is an extremely popular game in Meghalaya and can be found in both Khanapara and Jowai areas of the state. This traditional betting game can help players win thousands of rupees in an afternoon – however, keep in mind that gambling may not be appropriate for everyone, particularly if you suffer from stomach ailments or have addiction issues. It may be wiser to opt out if this game may pose any risks.

To play Shillong Teer, tickets must be purchased from one of Meghalaya’s official shops – there are over 5,000 across its 11 districts! Look out for signs that say “teer counter” when looking for these shops; once at one, purchase the ticket you need and select between 1-99 numbers before placing your bets and waiting for results to be announced.

The results for Shillong Teer are released daily in two rounds. The results for Round One will be made known at 3:45 pm and Round Two will follow shortly thereafter at 4:45 pm. Furthermore, daily common numbers are published and you can gain more knowledge by visiting this website.

Rules of the game

Players of shillong teer should abide by some basic rules when betting, such as understanding its fundamentals before beginning betting. Because it is a game of chance and without enough knowledge you could find yourself losing all your money quickly. Beginners should spend their money wisely; first checking their target number, then not betting if unsatisfied.

This archery-based lottery game requires participants to accurately predict two-digit numbers that represent the number of arrows that hit their target and win a jackpot prize. There are various strategies players can employ in order to increase their winning chances and hit more numbers; such strategies include reviewing past results or using mathematical formulae as predictors.

As it can be advantageous, purchasing tickets for both rounds is also highly advisable. A player could win up to Rs 80 during the first round and Rs 60 during the second. These tickets can be found at various betting centers for anywhere between Rs 1 to 100 each.

After both rounds are complete, the teer result will be declared. The first round will typically be announced around 3:45 PM while the second one at 4:45 PM. Results will then be uploaded online so anyone can view them; additionally, this website also displays how many arrows hit their targets.

Teer game was first introduced into Meghalaya after its government passed the Meghalaya Amusements and Betting Tax Act in 1982, quickly becoming popular with both locals and archers who participated in games. While regarded as safe to play, its addictive qualities may make it addictive over time.


Meghalaya’s popular game “shillong teer result” involves participants shooting arrows at targets to win prizes, organized by the Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association and played twice daily; prize money varies according to how many arrows are shot; this provides participants with an ideal way to practice archery while providing income sources. This game also serves as an excellent way of practicing archery while offering potential income sources for many in Meghalaya.

Participants of Teer can participate by purchasing tickets from Teer counters. Once results are announced, winners will receive prizes; first-round winners will be rewarded Rs 80 for every correct bet they made while second-round winners receive Rs 60 per right bet made; if someone manages to win both rounds simultaneously they will receive an extra special award!

This game, featuring bamboo bows and arrows crafted by local artisans, involves shooting arrows at a target 50 meters away, where players make bets by guessing the final two digits of total number of arrows that hit it. This activity has become an enormous source of income for local communities as it draws thousands of participants from all across India to play it for prizes that range between Rs 3,000 to Rs 80,000!

Teer differs from state-organized lotteries in that its scoring mechanism relies on the number of arrows hitting their targets, rather than on any particular number between 0 and 99 that is chosen as their prediction for total count. Since legalization in 1982, Meghalaya residents have enjoyed playing this unique form of lottery.

The results for shillong teer can be found online through numerous websites that specialize in lottery-based games like this one. Each website provides a list of past results to help players verify their formulas; additionally, this free service also allows individuals to check results for their favorite number(s). Results are usually updated daily after every round of shooting is completed.


If you are considering playing the shillong teer result today, be aware that it is a lottery-based game with taxes attached. No matter if you are an experienced or newbie player alike, these taxes can add up quickly; to minimize risks by purchasing tickets from reliable dealers at the correct amount and paying accordingly can help to ensure a better chance at success and less likely loss.

Meghalaya’s most beloved game is Shillong Teer Hit Number and many people take part every day for a chance at victory. Legal to play thanks to the Meghalaya Amusement & Betting Tax Act, this popular pastime takes place both afternoon and evening – 3:45 pm in the afternoon and 4:45 pm respectively.

At a shillong teer hit competition, players aim arrows at a target located 50 meters away. Each participant in the first round shoots 30 arrows; for round two they shoot 20. The number of successful shots determines who wins; results of each day’s competition are announced later that same day and cash prizes awarded accordingly.

To participate in Shillong Teer in Meghalaya, one must buy tickets from one of its designated betting centers for around Rs 300; prize winners receive up to an 8,000 rupee prize! This game has quickly become an integral part of local culture – some view it as gambling while supporters maintain it is an innocent hobby that can lead to big returns.

The results of Shillong Teer are published each week on Teer result websites, local news portals, and the official Meghalaya Teer Association website. Residents from throughout Meghalaya eagerly anticipate this annual tournament which has provided income opportunities for thousands in Meghalaya.

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