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About Charan Singh

Born in Noorpur, Uttar Pradesh on December 23, 1902, Charan Singh started off his life living in extreme poverty.

But that didn’t stop him from soaring high, as he came out with flying colours in all his academics and became a lawyer, later getting elected to the Legislative Assembly of the state of Uttar Pradesh.

He has been a significant entity in India’s freedom struggle and Gandhi’s principles made a deep impact in his life. He introduced the Agricultural Produce Market Bill, which was well accepted by the other members and appreciated for its various postulates.

In the year 1952, he became the cabinet minister of U.P. and by the next 10 years, he had already started serving as the Minister of Agriculture and Forests.

He became the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh in 1970 and seven years later, in 1977, he became the deputy prime minister of India. His political career saw a bit of turbulence during this time, but everything was back on track as he was sworn as the prime minister of India in 1979, with the support of just 64 Members of the Parliament.

During his tenure as the prime minister, he contributed a lot to the farming communities of the country. He passed away on May 29th, 1987.

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