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Celebrating World Laughter Day

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About Celebrating World Laughter Day

World Laughter Day first saw its light on the 10th of January 1998, in the city of Mumbai in India. It was first coined by Dr. Madan Kataria, who used to be a family doctor for many families in the city.

The sole purpose of the day when Dr. Kataria began it was to spread the positivity and benefits of the Laughter Yoga Movement, wherein it is said that your laughter imbibes a positive impact on your health and also on those around you.

The day ever since then is celebrated worldwide as the World Laughter Day, on the first Sunday of the month of May, every year.

The fundamental aspect of World Laughter Day is to spread happiness, peace, friendship, and universal brotherhood by laughter, wherein people in groups laugh together out loud, to let the positivity reflect in the atmosphere, and one can see many groups doing so in public places to celebrate the day in the right way.

Through the World Laughter Day, the Laughter Yoga Movement has seen a broader light as it is now popular in over 105 countries all across the world.

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