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Celebrating Jamai Sashti on 31st of May

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About Jamai Shashti

Jamai Shashti, also known as Son-in-law Day is a popular day celebrated in the eastern state of West Bengal in India in Bengali culture.

Ideally, as per the Bengali Calendar, Jamai Shashti falls on the sixth day during the phase of the Shukla Paksha, and this year by that statistics.

The same day in many other regions of India is celebrated as a day where prayers are showered on Goddess Shashti, for the well being of the children in the house.

In Bengal, the day is specially dedicated to all the ‘’jamais’’ (son in laws) of the household and it is declared a holiday in many offices, though not all.

On this day, the son in laws visit their wives’ maiden house, where their mother in law prepares a variety of special dishes for the son in law, and he dresses up in new clothes as he gets pampered by all his favorite cuisines and gifts as well.

The whole concept is a very intimate familial affair, where a formal invitation is sent by the mother in law to the son in law and her daughter, and the couple together visit the house of the bride, where puja is held.

This is followed by some more rituals wherein the mother in law prays for the long life of her son in law, ties a thread on his wrist to protect him against all evil, puts a teeka on his forehead to bless him.

After this, the son in law is treated with a grand feast full of delicious food items and then a wonderful family time takes place.

It increases the bonding between the two families and also strengthens the rapport of the son in law with his wife’s maiden family.


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