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Celebrate Pets on National Pet Day


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Pets bring great happiness into our lives and offer many health advantages such as reduced stress levels, more exercise opportunities and stronger social bonds. Colleen Paige, an expert on pet and family lifestyle issues, launched National Pet Day in 2006 to celebrate all that pets bring into our lives while also drawing attention to shelter animals of all kinds who require help.

1. Celebrate with your pet

Pets make wonderful companions and contribute to our lives in many ways, making National Pet Day the perfect opportunity to show our appreciation.

Pet owners can show their pets extra love and affection by showering them with extra treats, extra attention and special outings such as hiking or dog park visits, swimming at local beaches or lakes or watching pet-themed movies and shows together for some laughter-inducing companionship.

Another way to celebrate is by adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue organization. Adopting is an amazing way to show your affection and reduce overpopulation at shelters; alternatively you could donate items, like food, toys or blankets using Chewy’s Wish List feature to make donating easier than ever!

National Pet Day was first created by pet and lifestyle family expert and animal advocate Colleen Page to spread the joy that pets bring into our lives, from dogs and cats to rabbits and fish.

2. Adopt a pet

No matter whether it is a dog, cat, bird or fish, playing with any pet can bring immense pleasure and pleasure into our daily lives. Pets provide love, companionship and purpose that may otherwise be hard to come by in this busy world of ours. In addition to enjoying your own pet companionship and providing shelter to an animal in need.

Many shelters have high euthanasia rates, making National Pet Day the perfect opportunity to bring awareness of adoptable pets. You can help by sharing shelter social media posts, offering to foster animals in need or volunteering as dog walkers or making in-kind donations of food, toys and supplies.

Pet owners know the joy their animals bring them, but studies have also demonstrated the many health advantages associated with having one. Pet owners tend to experience less depression or anxiety symptoms; furthermore, studies show they tend to have lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Mark National Pet Day by treating your furry pal to something extra special or taking them on an exciting outing! Consider baking carob-mint cookies or pumpkin oatmeal biscuits yourself, or picking up an interactive toy such as a feather wand cat toy or tug of war rope for them to play with!

3. Donate to an animal shelter

Colleen Paige, an animal advocate and pet lifestyle expert, founded National Pet Day to recognize the special relationship between humans and pets. She wanted to draw attention to its numerous health and social benefits – reduced stress levels, lower blood pressure and improved cardiovascular health – while simultaneously raising awareness about all the animals waiting in shelters to find forever homes.

This holiday provides an ideal opportunity to show your pets just how much you appreciate them, by spoiling them with treats, taking them on special outings, or purchasing them new toys and games. In addition, this day offers you an opportunity to give back by donating food, blankets or other supplies directly to local shelters who need your support – many shelters even have online lists detailing exactly which supplies they require so you can easily locate something suitable.

Another way you can help is by volunteering at a shelter. Since many shelters have limited staff and need additional hands on deck to care for the animals in their facility, your time and energy can make a significant impactful difference for these creatures. You could do anything from cleaning living quarters, walking dogs, inventorying donations or supplies and organizing supplies and donations at these places. Those unable to volunteer should consider saving up their spare change each month in a jar for one particular shelter before giving it all away at year’s end – according to National Awareness Days one million people giving $1 each would create $12 Million dollars worth of funding!

4. Volunteer at a shelter

National Pet Day provides us with an ideal opportunity to recognize the significance of pets in our lives and reinforce the significance of responsible pet ownership. It’s an opportunity to spend quality time with your own furry companion while visiting local animal shelters to consider adopting another furry creature who needs a loving home.

If you can’t adopt, show your support by making a donation to your local shelter or animal welfare organization. All types of donations – money, blankets or food – will be greatly appreciated by those living at the shelter.

Another way you can help is by volunteering at an animal shelter. From walking dogs to cleaning cages, any little bit helps!

Make their day extra-special by surprising them with treats they love, like carob-mint cookies for dogs or pumpkin mini-muffins for cats. Take them on an outing such as hiking at your local park or beach; buy interactive toys like feather wand cat toys and rope tug toys (for dogs); or give them their annual vet checkup! Don’t forget about taking care of business!

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