About Halbi Language

Halbi Language Belonging to the family of Indo-Aryan languages, Halbi is an Eastern-Indo-Aryan language. It is also known by a list of other names. These are Halavi, Halabi, Bastari, Halba, Halvas, Mahari, as well as Mehari. It is most widely spoken in parts of central India, and currently has a population of more than 6,00,000… Continue reading About Halbi Language

About Nishi Language

Belonging to the Tani branch of the Sino-Tibetan language family, Nishi is known by a list of other names, these are: Nyishi, Nisi, Nishing, Nissi, Nyising, Bangni,

About Koya Language

Koya Language – Belonging to the Gondi-Kui group of languages, Koya is a Dravidian language, precisely south-central, and is often considered to be a dialect of the Gondi language