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Catch instant updates of the live score on the move

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How often have you watched people crowding outside shops trying to catch a glimpse of the live-action happening on the cricket field in an all-important innings or the World Cup Test Final? What if you had to choose between taking a day off from work or ending up not watching all the live-action that is happening on a weekday?

Fret not; we have you covered. With the evolution of technology and smartphones in the hands of people, the ability to stream live scores and content on the web has ensured you are updated.

You can get ball by ball commentary and can count on the internet to give you the most updated information at any point in time. So now you are not going to miss any action.

All you have to search for is cricket live score today in your search engine, and the live happenings on the cricket field across the globe stare right back at you.

Benefits of having information at your fingertips

  • Real-time updates.
  • Ease of use and mobility.
  • No disruption of official or personal work.
  • A basic Internet connection is only required.
  • No frustrations, as you can never miss key moments.
  • Notifications can be enabled to keep you informed all the time.
  • A ball by ball commentary erases any fear of missing out on the drama happening in the field.
  • You save time, ranging from 5 days for a Test match to 8 hours for a twenty-twenty match.
  • Saves you money, buying tickets or subscribing to television channels.
  • Avoid travel to the sports clubs and stadiums to catch live action.
  • Be updated on multiple games happening simultaneously and get help in choosing which one to watch if required.

Additional offerings

Apart from allowing you to catch the cricket live score today, there are many other features that sports fans can avail. Statistics, videos, editorials, highlights, and quizzes are amongst the various content that can be accessed online.

In addition to the ability to share your comments, likes, dislikes, chat with an expert and have your questions answered, there are a plethora of options to choose from those popular portals that are available in the digital world.

The archive section provides a sneak-peek into some of the historical matches that are played in the past and serves as an easy reference to rekindle your old memories.

The statistics help you play online rummies and pick your dream team based on all updated facts that are available in one place. Handy mobile apps allow you with all these features directly from your mobile phone as well.

How does it work?

Matches happen today in different venues. Apart from national and international matches, leagues are happening in every corner of the world to identify the young and happening talents.

With so much sporting action happening in one sport, consider the magnitude of what needs to be covered when there are multiple sports. If you follow even a couple of sports at the least, you would need very high screen time to cover every moment of the game, and nowadays, it is next to impossible.

An extensive database with all data, scores, stats, and commentary is maintained. The scorecard is updated from the happenings on the ground and transmitted digitally across the globe.

Even the recently concluded World Cup Test Final was digitally transmitted to people worldwide in a real-time fashion. People from different countries, time zones, languages, and cultures come together on a common digital platform to catch up with any sport at their convenience. Indeed, technology is a great leveler.


The millennials have lost the craze of watching the same sport for long hours and instead want technology to keep them informed; doing the work they choose to. In that regard, cricket live score today becomes the mantra.

It gives you back the time spent watching a long sport without losing on the associated thrills that are available for you to skim through at your own pace leisurely. Never again do you need to find an excuse to miss work or school to catch your favorite sport. Finally, it is time to get digitally immersed in your favorite sport without any more compromises.


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