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Buxa Tiger Reserve

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About Buxa Tiger Reserve

Buxa Tiger Reserve is arranged in the Alipurduar Sub-division of Jalpaiguri District, West Bengal. It includes the whole past Buxa Forest Division (702.44 sq km), and a piece of Cooch-Behar Forest Division (58.43 sq km). The Reserve lies between scopes 26o30′ and 26o55′ N and longitudes 89o20′ and 89o55′ E.

More than 400 types of trees, 250 types of bushes, 400 types of herbs, 9 types of stick, 10 types of bamboo, 150 types of orchids, 100 types of grass and 130 types of amphibian vegetation including more than 70 sedges (Cyperaceae) have been recognized in this place.

There are more than 160 types of different monocotyledons and plants. The fundamental trees are sal, champa, gamar, simul and chikrasi

The primary species are Asian elephant, tiger, gaur, wild pig, and sambar.

There are more than 284 types of birds, 73 types of warm-blooded creatures, 76 types of snakes and 5 types of creatures of land and water have been recognized in this way.

In a late review (2006) it was found that Buxa Tiger Reserve has the most elevated number of fish species in the North Bengal locale.

Tigers, elephants, bears, civets, goliath squirrel, gaur, chital, obfuscated panther, wild bison, pronghorn and snakes including the grand python are discovered here.

Around 230 types of winged creatures and countless butterflies add shading to the timberland.

The Raidak and Jayanti rivers which course through the woods and Narathali Lake are home to transient and endemic winged animals.

There are more prominent pied hornbill, ibisbill, transitory goosander, red-stars, wagtails, the uncommon dark necked crane, transient regular greenish-blue, dark stork, extensive shrieking blue-green, minivets, and ferruginous pochards.

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