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Blackbuck National Park

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About Blackbuck National Park

The Blackbuck National Park appeared in 1976 in the Bhal area lying in Saurashtra and is situated 72 km far from the headquarter of Bhavnagar.

Touching the Gulf’s shores of Khambhaton the south; it covers a range of more than 34.08 km² that was a “vidi” or prairie of the Maharaja of the condition of Bhavnagar.

There are farming fields and additionally badlands on the northern side of the recreation centre.

The level area, crowds of pronghorns, dry grasses and so forth have dependably gotten the extravagant of guests coming here and the one of a kind field biological community has additionally engaged its visitors.

The creatures that can be spotted here are blackbuck, the lesser florican, and wolf and so on.

A couple of different creatures found in this asylum incorporate the nilgai, wilderness feline, jackal, wolf and fox however the real fascination here is the winged animal life.

Pelicans, white and painted storks, flamingos, 3 sorts of cranes, different winged animals of prey and once in a while discovered Stolizca’s Bushchat all are found here.

These creatures are normally seen in the southern piece of the park as a result of the wetlands.

A standout amongst the most jeopardized species, the infrequently discovered lesser florican, is one of the 50 rarest winged animals of the world that breeds here.

Amid the winter season, a few harriers originate from central Europe to encounter the cooler months in this locale and one can watch them in the nights returning from bolstering in the close-by cotton fields.

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