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Bhanu Jayanti (13th of July)

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About Bhanu Jayanti

Bhanu Jayanti is mainly a day of important significance in Nepal, and also for the Nepalese people residing in the country of India. It is the birth anniversary of renowned Nepalese poet and writer Bhanubhakta Acharya, who had translated the most popular Indian epic: The Ramayana from Sanskrit in Khas language.

He was born in the year 1814 in Chundi Ramgha, in the Tanahun district into a traditional Brahmin family and was home schooled as a child. His grandfather had a great influence on him and made him develop an inclination towards religious learning and knowledge.

He had been honored with the title of ‘’Adikavi’’ which means the ‘’First poet’’ in the country of Nepal, and he is also known as the first poet of Khas language, since before him all Nepalese poets had written literary pieces in other languages but not in Khas language.

He was first referred to as ‘’Adikavi’’ by Motiram Bhatta when the latter was penning down Bhanubhakta’s biography in the year 1981, and according to him, he didn’t refer to the man as Adikavi because he was the first poet of Nepal but because of the fact that who was the first poet he came across who wrote with a complete understanding of inner piece, that is, marma, in poetry.

His birth anniversary is thus celebrated every year on the 13th of July, or on the 29th day of the month of Ashar as per the traditional Nepalese calendar.

People celebrate this day by organizing a list of events in the field of poetry and literature, such as recitation competition, seminars, workshops, or simply other kinds of writing competitions, to encourage more and more individuals to make most of the use of pen, since it is always mightier and powerful than the sword.

In Nepal, all prominent Nepalese writers, poets, novelists, come together to commemorate the immense contribution of Bhanubakta Acharya in the field of poetry and literature.

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