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Best Engineering Colleges in Chandigarh

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About Engineering Colleges in Chandigarh

The union territory of Chandigarh is popular for a number of reasons. It is the cleanest city of India and posts India’s independence in the year 1947, it went on to become the first planned city of the country.

Other than its beauty, it is known for its impressive architecture and infrastructure. Chandigarh also serves as the capital of both the north Indian states of Haryana as well as Punjab.

Coming to education, Chandigarh has a list of top engineering colleges to offer. The majority of the students here seek the most common branches of engineering, such as computer science, mechanical, civil engineering, electronics & communications, followed by aeronautical engineering among others. According to reports, the literacy rate of Chandigarh as figured in 2016 is around 86%.

The place has a list of best & top engineering colleges affiliated to both government and private universities.

List of best & top engineering colleges in Chandigarh

Below is our compiled list of the best engineering colleges in Chandigarh:
1. University Institute of Chemical Engineering & Technology

2. University Institute of Engineering & Technology

3. Chandigarh Engineering College, Mohali

4. Chitkara University, Chandigarh

5. Aryans College of Engineering, Chandigarh

6. Chandigarh University, Chandigarh

7. PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh

8. Sachdeva Engineering College for Girls, Chandigarh

9. Indo Global College of Engineering, Mohali

10. Rayat&Bahra Institute of Engineering & Biotechnology, Chandigarh

11. Swami Parmanand College of Engineering & Technology, Chandigarh

These are only the serial numbers (1 – 11), so please don’t treat as positions.

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