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Bera Utsav (17th of September 2017)

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About Bera Utsav

Bera Utsav is a popular festival observed in the district of Murshidabad in the east Indian state of West Bengal.

The state is popular for its rich and cultural heritage, wherein there’s a wide variety of festivals and fairs observed throughout the year, and as observed, almost every district has a unique festival of its own on an annual basis.

Hence, Bera Utsav belongs to Murshidabad, but due to its popularity, it sees a lot of crowd from all across the country gathering there during the celebration.

As per the traditional Hindu calendar, the festival of Bera Utsav falls on the last Thursday as calculated in the Bengali month of Bhadra, which according to the Gregorian calendar falls in the midweek of the month of September. This year in 2017, Bera Utsav will be observed on the 17th of September.

The Bera Utsav in a nutshell is an annual celebration to cherish unity as well as diversity, and thus people regardless of their cast or cultural background come forth to be a part of this festival. It takes place on the banks of River Bhagirathi, at Lalbagh, which is right near the palace of the Nawabs.

As we all know, Murshidabad is a place that holds quite a prominent spot when it comes to the history of India, given its rich heritage, grandeur, as well as tales, and thus, the celebration of Bera Utsav is yet another festival, an opportunity to keep the legacy and essence of the rich culture of Murshidabad alive among the masses and also celebrate unity and prosperity.

The bank of the river looks magnificent as the celebrations begin and go on for one full day, and cultural programmes like dancing, music, games are also organized to lift the spirits of each and everyone who are participating in the utsav.


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