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Beautiful Indian Wedding hairstyles

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When it comes to wedding, they are surely one of the most precious occasions in our lives indeed. Be it our own, our friends, cousins, siblings or whoever, we all look forward to this special day. The truth is, whichever culture you belong to, wedding does have a huge impact on our lives. It is indeed not a cake-walk to carry out a successful wedding. No doubt, there are multiple arrangements which need to be taken care of, but do you know apart from that what is one thing which women stress about? Their wedding hairstyles

For a woman, her hair is her precious being and it actually acts like a look maker or a breaker indeed. Hairstyle can be bold normal or stylish. You might think that hair styles can be of any 2-3 types which includes straight hair, curly hair, open hair, pony or a bun.

However, you will be shocked to know that there are more than 100 types of hairstyles which are available currently. Girls and ladies are literally obsessed with getting their hands on the ideal wedding hairstyles for girls.

If you are on the look out for the beautiful Indian wedding hairstyles, then you have landed at the right place, as here we are going to give you a deep dive into the same in the best possible way.

Indian wedding hairstyles for medium hair

Everyone wants to look their best on the most important day of their life, i.e., marriage. The brides try to get the best designer lehenga, jewellery in order to rock the day. But do you know what people often forget is? to Decide the hairstyle which they are going to carry on their special. No matter how expensive your outfit, jewellery, makeup is, your hairstyle can make or break your look. But don’t worry, in this article, we will give you to see some of the trendiest yet coolest wedding hairstyle ideas you can try on your wedding day. Keep reading

Super Gorgeous White Flower Bun

This hairstyle for a wedding never goes out of fashion and can complement your wedding outfit perfectly. This can-do wonders with a bridal lehenga or a gorgeous saree. The hairstyle basically consists of a bun with some pretty white flowers to complete the look. Wear a mattha Patti, and this can help you to elaborate your hairdo.

 An elegant Open Hair Bridal Look

If you are doubtful whether you can rock the bun hairstyle or not, don’t worry, we have plenty of options for you, and one of them is to keep it light and go for open hair. This wedding hairstyle for girls will offer them the freedom to keep it light. This hairstyle is very natural, and you will not be required to wear any heavy hair accessories. Wear an elegant mang tikka and keep your hair straight, and you will surely look million dollars.

The Strings of Flower- wedding hairstyles for women

Flowers are the symbol of love and romance; what can be better than having a hairstyle which requires you to wear them on your hair. It will enhance your look and make you look more elegant and beautiful. To begin the new beautiful journey for your life, go with flowers on your hairstyle; what you can do is let your hair down and wear Mogra flowers on your hair. For having a princess look, wear a good number of strings of Mogra on your hair.

French + Fishtail Braid – Indian wedding hairstyles for medium hair

If you want to keep your hairstyle simple and yet want to glam it up because it is your wedding day, you can! Go for French + fishtail hairstyle; it will look simple yet classy. Everybody would be mesmerised by this look of you.

Simple Braid (with The Traditional Naga Jadai)

If you have already chosen hair accessories that you want to flaunt on your wedding day, you can surely do that. Use your hair accessories in your bridal hairstyles for weddings. You can also use matha Patti hairstyles for weddings to get the gorgeous look for your big day.

Go Big on Matha Patti

You can rock any look on your wedding day with the help of beautiful accessories. If you are planning to flaunt a multi-string mattha, go ahead. Wear a simple braid with some( actually lot) gajra. The smell of gajra will work for you as it has its charm. To make it big on your wedding day, this hairstyle will surely spread its magic.

Voluminous Side Braid with Hair Accessories

Are you looking for a hairstyle to wear on your silk saree, then you must surely check this? To get a classic look, wear a sided voluminous braid. It will look super bridal and will surely add a touch of glam to the look. You can even carry off cute hair accessories to get a fancy bridal look.

Braided Updo (with a Touch of Flowers)

Every bride on her wedding day wants to look elegant. Choosing the hairstyle that reflects the same will surely make sense. Wear a dainty braided updo as it is the most elegant Indian wedding hairstyle and can never go wrong. For your designer saree or reception gown, wear it with floral accessories.

Bridal Bun with a One-Sided Braid

If you want a simple yet alluring Indian wedding hairstyle for medium hair, you must try this out in your demo look, and it will surely work for you. If you prefer simplicity, you must wear as side braid and turn that into bun wear some flower and adorn the bun.  A great idea for a wedding hairstyle can be to tuck a small flower in the bun to get an attractive look

Matha Patti and Flower Bun

If you want a fuller look and do not shy away with going extra, you can surely carry off this hairstyle very well. Tie a one-sided tied and into a bun, cover it with some flower, and use an accessory, e.g. matha, Patti. This look will be jaw-dropping.

Graceful Braided Bun

If you plan to have a graceful look, this hairstyle is just the perfect one for you, and your search will surely end here. No matter which attires you are wearing, you can never go wrong with this hairstyle. It will surely complement your attire and look. Wear a voluminous side braid and turn it into a gorgeous bun. This hairstyle will give an elegant look.

Open Hair Bridal Hairstyle (with Floral Tiara)

Are you planning to have some flowers in your hair but don’t want to go with a bun, then it is possible with this beautiful hairstyle? If you are fun-loving and want a causal hairstyle, this hairstyle will do wonders in your sangeet or even Mehendi functions. To look like a princess, add a floral tiara to your hairs and style them in beachy waves and you are done.

A Simple Bun with a Single Flower

Sometimes keeping it minimum works equally well, and if you don’t want a lot of flowers and heavy hair accessories in your hairstyle, you must surely check this out. For an Indian bride, a simple bun with just a single flower can make the perfect hairstyle for the big day.

Double Bun with Long Braid

The perfect hairstyle to wear at your wedding is style two buns and a long braid with your favourite hair accessories and long strings of gajra. You are good to go and rock the stage.

Perfect Bridal Hairstyle- Puff Buns and Roses-

Roses are symbol of love and romance and if you want to start your new life with the essence of romance, adding roses to your hairstyle is the best thing you can do. For a perfect hairstyle, wear a puff and add lots of roses it will look gorgeous

Bridal Bun (with Hair Ornaments)

Have you invested a lot of time in selecting the back design of your blouse and want to flaunt it on your big day? What’s better than a bridal bun. A piece of bridal hair jewellery can never go out of fashion at an Indian wedding. With elegant bun wear, your most favourite hair jewellery (like gold Juda or layers of gold chain.

Simple Updo (with an Oversized Flower)

A simple look can be quite elegant if done rightly, for a minimalist look wear a bun with oversized flower this can never go out of style

Although now going through the entire article, you must have got plenty of ideas you would want to incorporate surely. However, there are also plenty of other points which you should be keeping in your mind. Firstly, when it comes to hairdo, the wedding hairdo is way to different from a normal hairdo. There are some people who do the biggest mistake of merging the two and that is what spoils their entire look.

When it comes to the hairdo part, then the wedding hairdo, indeed has to be the most different kind of the hairdo. The wedding hairstyles also has its own diversification. For instance, when it boils down to the final marriage day, then for that the hairdo is very heavy and has a statement attached to it. When we speak about the normal functions such as the cocktail or engagement, then the hairdo should be simple.

All in all, the ideal concept is to come up with a hairdo which makes the women look beautiful and gracious. At the end we want to add on to the grace levels and not just gives an altogether a very weird look. Hence, all of you have to do is, have one style in mind, align your hair style with the outfit and the make up you are going for, because trust me, it does speak volume about your overall look. We can assure you that you are indeed good to go.

Hope this article helpful to select the wedding hairstyles for women. Don’t forget to take good care of your hair, establish a good haircare routine so that you can pull off any hairstyle with ease.

So what are you waiting for? Start prepping for your hair style right from now!


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