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Battle Of The Ten Kings (Rigvedic Period)

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About Battle Of The Ten Kings

The Dasarajna or the Battle of the Ten Kings is a prominent recorded occasion implied in different psalms of the Rig Veda, vital to traditional Hindu culture, and often regarded as one of the oldest battles ever fought in the country.

Sudas was the ruler of the Bharata Kingdom. He had a place with Trstu family. At first, Visvamitra was their cleric. He drove him to triumphant battles on the banks of Vipas and Sutudri. Later there was some misconception and Vasistha was selected as the minister and Visvamitra was sacked.

Immediately a long and intense competition followed between the two clerics and, in requital, Visvamitra drove ten rulers against the Bharata kingdom.

The ten rulers were from the kingdoms of Puru, Yadu, Turvasa, Anu and Drhyu, Alina, Paktha, Bhalanas, Siva and Visvanin.

In the bleeding and conclusive fight on the banks of River Parusni, the Bharat’s developed successful, completely steering the ten lords.

The lords of Anu and Druhyu kingdoms were suffocated, while Purukutsa, King of the Puru Kingdom met his demise.

There was another fight in which Sudas battled with Ajas, Sigrus, and Yaksus who had joined under King Bheda; however, these new attackers additionally met a similar destiny and were crushed, being butchered on the River Jamuna.

When of this war, the Vedic Hindus secured a huge domain, from the banks of Jamuna to Iran in the west. In present-day terms it covers the North India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran. The most punctual piece of the Rig Veda sings about the Ganges.

So the ten individuals can’t be the tribal boss. With regards to Chera, Choza, and Pandyas of Tamil kingdoms we don’t name them as tribal boss. Even Morton Smith’s moderate gauge gives a not insignificant rundown of Yadava (Yadu) rulers from 1800 BCE and Puru Kings from 1800 BCE.

Notwithstanding when he put Krishna around 1000 BCE and Rama around 1060 BCE, different dates are pushed back; the prior lords from 1800 BCE. On the off chance that we have faith in the conventional dates the Vedic lords more likely than not ruled a few thousand years before our time.


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