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Basoa Festival of Himachal Pradesh

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About Basoa Festival

Also known as the Bishu Festival, the Basoa Festival is a popular festival celebrated in the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, on the 14th of April every year. The day commemorates the joy of the new year for the people of the state and they celebrate it in full swing, offering prayers to the gods so that the new year is lucky for them, and good things happen to everyone.

The married women in the state pray for the wellbeing of all the villagers and wish for the prosperity of the village so that they can grow and live happily without any hindrances.

As per the Hindu calendar, the Basoa Festival takes place on the first day of Baisakh, and before three days of the main festival, people in the state make small coarse grains, locally known as Kodra, which look like cakes and wrap them in leaves.

On the day of the main festival, the people celebrate the occasion with full joy and welcome and greet all the married women to their houses to enjoy the festival.

On the same day, they finally let go of the wrapped leaves and break the cakes to have them with jiggery and honey, commemorating the day and wishing that the sweet taste of the cake is exactly how their new year will be too.

The houses of people during this festival are decorated beautifully with flowers and lights, and everyone wears new clothes and are in high festive spirits. There’s a list of cultural programmes held in the villages, where both children and adults participate in songs and dances, especially folk music songs and dance acts. Many sweet dishes are prepared in traditional style and feats are organized to spread happiness all around.

Colors are showcased beautifully as their vibrant essence adorn people’s houses and the neighborhood. Each and every one weaves new positive dreams for the new year and pray for peace and harmony in society.


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