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Bajrangi Bhaijaan Movie Reviews

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As usual on cue this year Bollywood Bhai Salman Khan starred in this Kabir Khan movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan on Eid of 2015, Friday. With the blazing border in the current news, this movie brings in a multilayer sensitive topic subtly putting in the thought-provoking message of moving on from the past and building new friendships between the two countries.

It is a usual expectation of Salman fans to have a more thrilling and dramatic movie, it puts a lot of other things apart from that on the plate and serves, definitely making it a movie that will cross 100 crores in a small amount of time.

Bajrangi Bhaijan movie is a story about Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi who is lovingly called Bajrangi as he is a prime follower of Lord Hanuman. The whole story revolves around a mute Pakistani girl, Munni (Harshali Malhotra), who has left behind in India accidentally.

How Bajrangi meets her and goes through hell and heaven to unite her with her family in Pakistan is what serves the main agenda of the movie. Salman brings in the innocent “Prem” back on the screen with the role of Bajrangi.

The relationship that the sweet little kid and Bajrangi share on the screen will pull on your heartstrings and makes you emotional. On the other roles, Nawazuddin Siddique plays the role of Pakistani reporter and almost steals the show with his humour and splendid acting.

And you can always expect a little bit of surprise in his films. The movie takes you to a ride from India to Pakistan and especially from Kashmir, a part of it occupied by Pakistan that we so often forget.

And then there is Kareena Kapoor a smart and progressive school teacher in Delhi falling in love with a small-town guy, obviously not smart individual who flunks his exams ten times in a row, 3 days after meeting him leading to a lot of humorous and funny scenes, with Salman Khan getting on to you with his own humour.

Though this movie did not turn out as painful as Kick or as offensive as Bodyguard even with a complex storyline it can prove forgettable.

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