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Baba Dhansar – A Sacred Pilgrim Spot

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About Baba Dhansar

Located in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, Baba Dhansar is a sacred pilgrim spot, dedicated and devoted to Lord Dhansar, who has always been significantly associated with Lord Shiva.

According to mythology, when Lord Shiva was on an expedition with his wife goddess Parvati to Amarnath, he had left his snake king—Seshnag in the place of Anantnag. It was then that Seshnag had taken up a human form, and came to be known as Vasudev. Lord Shankar is believed to be one of Vasudev’s sons.

The Baba Dhansar temple has many legends associated with it, one of which talks about a demon residing in the area long back, due to which the civilians had urged Baba Dhansar to find a remedy for it.

The latter had thus devoted himself to Lord Shiva, and when the Lord heard his prayers, he killed the demon, which led the people to build the Baba Dhansar temple as well as the Lord Shiva Cave in devotion for the two entities for helping them.

Two of the most famous celebrations here include the festival of Mahashivratri, as well as a yearly celebration to pay tributes to Baba Dhansar.

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