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Avittathur Mahadeva Temple

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One of the most visited sacred places in the country; Avittathur is located in south Indian state of Kerala and is immensely popular for the oldest Shiva temple located here. Over time, historians found many ancient inscriptions in this pilgrim spot, out of which four have been deemed to be of extreme significance.

Many believe that the pilgrim place is of utmost importance because it is the spot which laid the foundation stone for the Brahmin community and also that the Brahmins are mainly the first sons of the creator of the world—Lord Brahma.

If mythology is to be taken into consideration, then it is believed that the famous sage Agastya, who was a strong devotee of Lord Shiva, had performed his penance in the centre of Avittathur, and also that the place was formerly known by the sage’s namesake, as Agastyapuram, however, due to misspells and misinterpretations, it went on to be renamed as Avittathur.

Throughout the year, grand celebrations are held at the place, especially at the famous and ancient Shiva temple located here, some of which include celebrations for MahaShivaratri, Navratri as well as the famous south Indian festival, Pongal.

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