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Amar Singh Rathore: The Free Man

Amar Singh Rathore

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Amar Singh Rathore, the man who is considered as the idol of incredible will and freedom. The man who is commemorated in the ballads of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan.

He was the man who worked for the Mughals like Shah Jahan in the 17th century after he was disinherited and vanished from the family. The Rathore Rajput has also been interconnected with the Royal House of Marwar.

He was the man who was not moved even by the fear and greed. This great man died as a free man and is remembered by people for his bravery. He was the man who was known for being eccentric.

About Amar Singh Rathore

Born on 11th December 1613, the great man, named Amar Singh Rathore. He was the eldest son of Mawar’s King Gaj Singh. He was not only courageous and fearless but was the person who had immense self-respect and loved the freedom.

Amar Singh being the eldest son has accompanied his father in the battle and even brought laurels as the warrior. Since the nobleman was rebellious, he lost his heir.

Maharaj Gaj Singh made his second son; the King of the Empire and Amar Singh was exiled from the Empire.

After the exile, Amar Singh reached to the Court of Shah Jahan, and the Great Mughal Emperor accepted the banished, Amar Singh and appointed him as his courtier.

Amar Singh because of his skills and bravery received the title of Rao. 


Shah Jahan extended a significant position to Amar Singh. Not only this, but he also offered him a portion of land and army to him. The fellow Muslim courtiers did not like Amar Singh’s success, and they did not like a Hindu getting position in the Mughal Empire.

Amidst this one day, without taking the permission of the King, Amar Singh went on a hunting adventure.

This incident made Shah Jahan feel insulted, and he called Amar Singh to the Court, to ask the reason. To which Amar Singh replied, that he wasn’t answerable to anyone.

The great Mughal emperor also threatened Rathore, but to this also he gave a reply as, his sword was everything and whoever wants to collect fine, can receive it from him.

On Amar Singh’s statement Salavat Khan, said, how wrong statements you are making. This raged the anger in Amar Singh, and he killed Salavat Khan in front of the whole Mughal empire.

This was seen as an act of sheer disrespect of Mughals, and Shah Jahan kept looking at it in shock. After this, the Mughals present at the Court tried to arrest Amar Singh, but he escaped the Fort by jumping from it on his horse, who died just after it.

Later the brother-in-law of Amar Singh, Arjun Gaud, entered into the whole matter as Shah Jahan wished to settle the whole thing anyhow. Arjun Gaud took the duty of bringing back Rathore to Shah Jahan.

He conspired and asked Rathore to come to the Court of Shah Jahan, as the Mughal emperor wanted to make some comprise. Hearing this, Rathore went to the Court.

When he arrived at the Court, the main gate was not opened, and a little window type gate was opened for him.

Since Amar Singh was the man of self-respect, he did not agree to bent in front of Mughals while entering the Court. So, he decided to open it bending backward as Rathore’s would do, and this led him to lose his life.

Just as he entered the gate of the Fort, Arjun Gaud accompanied by his army, attacked Amar Singh with swords, which made him lose his life.

The nature of Amar Singh, which lead to the loosing of his birthright, gain made him a fall in the problem.

The Mughal emperor which not only gave him the place to reside even, after the banishment but also made him the leader of Mansab, was disappointed by his work, which leads to a big battle between the two. His durable head nature cost him to lose his life.

Another person to be remembered with Amar Singh is Ballu Champavat, the friend of Amar Singh, who was in good terms with him. When Amar Singh was killed, Shah Jahan kept the body of Amar Singh and challenged the Rathore’s.

Amar Singh’s wife who wanted to die Sati went to Ballu Champavat, told him about the challenge. Ballu didn’t think of coming into the matter unless his wife taunted him.

After that Ballu went to the Fort of Shah Jahan, with around 50 best Rathore’s and attacked the Agra Fort, he killed all the Mughals who came into his way and then jumped the Fort, with the body of Amar Singh, half injured and handover the body to Amar Singh’s wife.


  • Amar Singh while working for Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan received the title of Rao.
  • He also received Mansab, the military unit in the Mughal Empire.
  • A statute has been made to commemorate Amar Singh and his horse.
  • The Bokhara gate through which they were admitted was named as Umra Singh’s Gate.
  • A movie was made to commemorate Amar Singh in 1970 called Veer Amar Singh Rathore.
  • The emperor made Amar Singh the Governor of Nagpur.

Amar Singh Rathore the man, will be remembered for his bravery and his uniqueness. The person who is considered as the hero to those residing in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Punjab.

The people here still remember him and live the ballads to tales of the Great Amar Singh Rathore. The person who was a fearless and excellent warrior but lost his life and his birthright, because of his anger and unbending attitude.

Amar Singh Rathore was killed by his people, through conspiracy as they knew it was difficult for them to fight and win against him. The man who was born as a free person and lived his life in the same fashion.


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