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All That You Need To Know About Post-Partum Arthritis

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About Postpartum Arthritis

Arthritis fundamentally is a common medical condition wherein the patient suffers from extreme joint pains. This condition hubs around 100 more rheumatic conditions where there’s a pain in the bones, and this is a result also affects connected tissues.

The most common forms of arthritis are rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, and gout, and the most common symptoms include extreme joint pains and stiffness in the bones.

Arthritis post-pregnancy is not uncommon, and in fact, having proper knowledge about the condition can help the patient tackle it better.

The two main causes of arthritis post-pregnancy are as under—

  1. A woman who already suffers from the medical condition of arthritis when conceives, finds temporary relief from the pain during the nine months of pregnancy, since during that period the body’s immune system isn’t agile, and thus, the symptoms of arthritis fade. However, post-pregnancy, the symptoms return and the magnitude is even higher.
  2. Right after delivering a baby, a woman’s body has an overly-functional immune system, due to which there’s a high chance of auto-immune diseases forming in the body, one of which is rheumatoid arthritis. It is during such a state that inflammations are caused in the body alongside allergies, and this can ultimately lead to pains in the bones and damaging tissues.

Points to remember in order the tackle the condition-

  1. All those women who already suffer from arthritis before their pregnancy, need to inform this to their doctors when they conceive, as the doctors can then build up an effective plan for the whole phase of pregnancy in order to manage the effects of arthritis on the women’s health post-delivery.
  2. They need to also discuss with their doctors the impact of certain medications to curb the effects of arthritis, since all of them may not be compatible when they breastfeed their newborn.
  3. A lot of harmful effects of arthritis can be curbed by changing diet and avoiding certain environmental factors, and this, a woman can work out by discussing with her doctor, so that the latter can formulate the right action plan for the same.

Losing the postpartum weight in a healthy way is also essential for the woman suffering from arthritis since being overweight after pregnancy will only worsen the effects of rheumatoid arthritis.

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