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All About The Kingsport Times News

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Kingsport Times News

The Kingsport Times News is a daily broadsheet newspaper that is distributed throughout the Kingsport area of Tennessee. The newspaper is based in Kingsport and is distributed in six counties in northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia. It has been in business for over 140 years, and has a loyal readership.

The Kingsport Times News began as a publishing company on Market Street, employing fourteen people and running a commercial printing plant. In time, the publication expanded and occupied three downtown buildings.

In the early 1960s, Sandusky Newspapers Inc. purchased the Times to News from Edwards, and moved production of the newspaper to Kingsport Publishing Corporation.

In 1970, the newspaper moved to its current location at 701 Lynn Garden Drive. Since then, the Times to News has continued to record the region’s progress. Today, the newspaper is a member of Six Rivers Media, LLC.

The Kingsport Times to News is a daily broadsheet newspaper that is published in Kingsport, Tennessee. It is distributed throughout six counties in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

Today, it remains one of the largest newspapers in the area. Its readers are from all walks of life. The newspaper covers a variety of topics, including business, politics, entertainment, sports, and health. It was originally published in 1916.

The Kingsport Times to News obituary archive is a great resource to research your family history. Using a search engine, you can easily find obituaries for specific relatives, towns, and people.

You can also filter the archive by name to exclude only relevant entries, and you can search for obituaries in a particular year range. There are over 150 years of obituaries available here, so you can search the Kingsport Times to News for any information you are looking for.

Six Rivers Media

The Kingsport Times News is a daily broadsheet newspaper published in Kingsport, Tennessee, and distributed throughout six counties in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. It is owned by Six Rivers Media, LLC, which also publishes the Erwin Record and Jonesborough Herald & Tribune. The newspaper has won a number of awards for photography, design, and reporting.

Six Rivers Media, LLC is a local, independently owned multi-media company in Kingsport, Tennessee. They own the Kingsport Times News, the Johnson City Press, the Erwin Record, and SIX RIVER DIGITAL. The company is also the parent company of Mountain City Tomahawk, a weekly sports publication based in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Daily broadsheet newspaper

The Kingsport Times News is a daily broadsheet newspaper published in Kingsport, Tennessee. The newspaper was first published on April 27, 1916. It was published by the Kingsport Publishing Company.

The paper is owned by Sandusky Newspapers, Inc., which also publishes the Johnson City Press, Jonesborough Herald and Tribune, and Erwin Record. The newspaper also has several sister papers in Tennessee, such as the Bristol Herald Courier and Mountain City Tomahawk.

The Kingsport Times is one of the oldest newspapers in the region. The paper first started out in Johnson City and later expanded to Kingsport. Its circulation grew as the city became a thriving metropolis. In 1924, the newspaper made the transition from semi-weekly to daily, and the paper remained active.

In addition to the daily, it also published three weekly newspapers. The Kingsport Times News has won several state press awards for its journalism, photography, and layout.

While newspapers are no longer as widely circulated as they once were, there are still plenty of daily broadsheet newspapers available, including the Kingsport Times. Today, it is the go-to source of news and opinion for the city. In fact, it is the only daily broadsheet in the area, with a circulation of over a million readers.

Searchable database

The Kingsport Times news searchable database is a collection of digitized newspaper archives from Kingsport, Tennessee. It’s a searchable database of the newspaper’s articles and other content and is a rich resource for researching local history. It includes full-text coverage and can be searched by keyword. The newspaper’s archived newspaper images are searchable as well, though the quality may vary.

You can browse through the images chronologically or by clicking on links. The name and time frame of the newspaper may have changed over time, so this may not be an exhaustive set of published materials.

The obituary archives in the Kingsport Times news searchable database are a great place to start if you are researching a particular ancestor.

This database also contains a variety of personal information and family history. You can search for a specific person or relative, or look up a town or school to learn more about their life. The obituaries cover over 150 years, and you can even search by year range.

In addition to the Kingsport Times news searchable database, you can access newspapers from other US cities. The database includes the Nashville Tennessean, which was published between 1812 and 1922.

It has undergone many names over the years, and you can search across all variants, or narrow your search down by publication title. The database is free to use and is available to UT employees and students.

Another great source for newspapers is, which offers billions of articles from historical newspapers. This database includes articles from local newspapers to national and international news. It also contains images, so you can easily access historic newspaper pages in your hometown. This database contains news and articles from all 50 states.


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