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All About Shirshasana

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About Shirshasana

The Shirshasana is also known as the king of all asana or yoga positions. The word ‘Shirsha’ means the head. This is an asana that happens to be supported on the head.

This is an asana that demands tremendous flexibility and balance.


Shirshasana is a yoga asana that happens to be highly recommended for people who are looking forward to building the strength of the upper body.

In this form of yoga, the body is placed in an upright situation, where the feet are raised in the bed and the weight of the body is supported on the hands and the crown of the head is rested on the floor.

The other related yoga asana is the salamba sirsana or the supported headstand.

Things to Remember

However, this is one of the yoga asanas that is meant for people who have been practicing yoga for a while now.

Beginners will be advised not to do the yoga asana without any assistance. In fact doing this position even with help could be difficult for the beginners.

In case there is a problem in balance then the neck or the back could get very badly strained. Again one can lose their balance and could hurt their head as well.

Additionally, people who have problems with high blood pressure or a problem of glaucoma they are advised to stay away from this yoga.

Patient with cardiac problem history is also asked to stay away from this asana. People with hypertension can also do away with this yoga position.

Women during their menstrual cycle could refrain from dousing this asana.


However, the benefit of doing this asana can also be numerous. They are as follows:

  • People can expect a better blood circulation through the practice of this yoga asana.
  • This is a yoga position that can also help you to get over problems of the spine and the neck.
  • It can help you to improve your upper body muscle.
  • Once again it can help you to improve your concentration power.
  • People who are doing this yoga in the initial phase can also keep a soft matt under their head crown so that their crown is not hurt in any manner.

Please be sure to maintain your body posture. This will help you to get better benefits out of this yoga and also keep away from sprains. Breathe regularly.

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