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AI Engineer vs Software Engineer

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Artificial Intelligence is swiping the world with its power, washing off many jobs, and creating numerous new ones for professionals with advanced skill-set. Gartner predicted 2.4 million new jobs in AI across different industries.

A report by Gartner states that AI augmentation is expected to generate around USD 2.9 trillion in enhancing business value and also recover a massive 6.2 billion hours of a professional’s productivity in the year 2021.

Artificial Intelligence is consistently transforming the traditional capabilities of machines into smart ones by implementing AI models. While AI is a significant branch of computer science combined with data, software engineering is also a key part of computer science.

There is an intersection between the two areas of computer science that has a strong potential to unleash innovation and creativity in humans with the automation of regular and repetitive tasks.

With AI models and tools, software engineers have tremendously improved their productivity and creativity in the last few years. As far as the job market is considered, both the job roles have massive growth rates.

This article will let you know that taking an Artificial Intelligence Engineer Course in Hyderabad can be a smart move to advance your career in the field of AI engineering. Hyderabad, being home to many industries such as manufacturing, IT, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and many more, provides you with a huge number of opportunities for advancement in this domain.

Let us look at the differences between AI engineers and Software Engineers and which domain offers opportunities for advancements.

What is an AI Engineer?

An Artificial Intelligence Engineer is an IT professional who builds AI models by working with traditional machine learning techniques such as neural networks and natural language processing. These models are specifically meant to extract business insights that are used to make smart business decisions that can have a significant impact on the entire organization.

Organizations across the world, irrespective of the sector, are now realizing the power of artificial intelligence. This is why even the non-tech companies are expected to become tech ones soon.

So companies around the world are looking for AI engineers in order to help build AI-based applications that can draw meaningful insights from huge datasets.

What is a Software Engineer?

A software engineer is essentially an IT pro who analyzes user requirements and designs, constructs, and tests user applications to fulfill these requirements with the wise use of software programming languages.

As a software engineer, you typically implement principles of engineering to software development. You are required to build large and complex systems for your organization to help improve productivity and efficiency.

You will be required to create and maintain end-user systems, looking after both hardware and software development. You may be required to program websites, operating systems, mobile applications, and also proprietary software for businesses and organizations.

AI Engineer Vs Software Engineer


  AI Engineer Software Engineer
Definition An AI Engineer builds AI-based applications to draw useful insights A software engineer builds end-user applications to fulfill user requirements


Responsibilities ●       Working with natural language processing, neural networks, and other ML techniques to build AI models that run on or require AI-based applications

●       Automate infrastructure to be used by data workers

●       Manage and set up AI development and deployment infrastructure

●       Construct data ingestion and data transformation architecture

●       Perform statistical analysis and make effective reports to help organizations in making informed decisions

●       Builds applications that can run seamlessly on Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, etc

●       Analyze user and software requirements to identify design feasibility

●       Look after the installation of software systems and control related hardware required to meet the specifications

●       Build and manage software system testing, programming, validation methods, and documentation

●       Store, retrieve, and modify the data to analyze capabilities and requirements of the system

Skills Required Python


Machine learning

Big data

Data science

Data mining

Java, and more

Data visualization

Java Script. Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, PHP, C++, and more

UI toolkits and frameworks

Computer architecture

Data structures

Operating systems

Troubleshooting and debugging


Requirements ●       Secondary school diploma

●       Graduate degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or any related field

●       Master’s in Engg in the same (GATE required)

●       AI-related certifications

●       Secondary school diploma

●       Degree in software engineering

●       Master’s in the related field

●       Certifications related to full-stack development


Salary The median annual salary of an AI engineer in the US is around USD 114,121 and in India, it is INR 765,353 The median annual salary of a Software Engineer in the US is around USD 76,192 and in India, it is INR 496,143


Career Options in AI Engineering and Software Engineering

AI and Software Engineering both the fields find applications across almost every industry including healthcare and pharmaceuticals, logistics, manufacturing, media and entertainment, banking, finance, and investment industries.

With proper skills, knowledge, qualifications, and certifications in AI, you can choose to become

  • Artificial Intelligence Developer
  • Artificial Intelligence Architect
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Developer

With the required skills, training, qualifications, and certifications in Software Engineering you can choose to make your career as

  • Software Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • DevOps Professional (with training in DevOps)
  • Cloud Architect (with training in cloud essentials)


That said, both of these career domains offer massive opportunities for advancements. If you wish to figure out the ways of making a career in any of these domains, you can expand your skill set with an online training course.

To experience hassle-free training along with the hands-on practice of tools and techniques used to build AI-based applications, Simplilearn, the ed-tech giant is there to help you out.

Training is dispensed via industry experts active in their field, and you will be allowed to go through many real-life projects. This way, you can start building your AI applications soon.

In addition, the training is self-paced and you can learn at your own pace. Lifetime access to the study material is another appealing feature of this course.

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