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About Tulu Language

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Tulu Language

Belonging to the family of Dravidian languages in India, Tulu has around 2 million native speakers, primarily residing in the south west parts of the Indian state of Karnataka and also in the northern parts of Kerala state, which is also commonly known as Tulu Nadu.

If the 2009 reports are to be believed then currently Tulu has over 5 million native speakers all over the world. The people whose mother tongue is Tulu are known as Tuluva, or simply as Tulu people.

Despite being a south Indian language, it has disparities, many of them, when compared to Tamil and Kannada, and surprisingly it shares similarities with French and Spanish, as Tulu, like these two languages have the pluperfect and future perfect tenses, without the need of an auxiliary verb.

Other than the primary places mentioned above where Tulu is spoken, minor groups in Maharashtra, Bangalore, as well as gulf countries too, speak the language.

The oldest Tulu inscriptions date back to an era as early as the 14th century AD. The inscriptions are drafted in the Tigalari script.

The major four dialects used in Tulu language are: Common Tulu, Brahmin Tulu, Jain dialect, and the Girijan dialect.

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