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About Sindhi Language

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Sindhi Language

Sindhi is one of the very popular Indo-Aryan languages, mainly spoken by the followers of Sindh religion, who are also referred to as the Sindhis.

It happens to be one of the scheduled languages that are officially recognized by the federal government of India. It is also the official language of Pakistan’s Sindh province.

Fundamentally, the native speakers of Sindhi mainly reside in the Sindh region in the country of Pakistan. In India, they are primarily found in the Kutch regions of the Indian state of Gujarat and in the Ulhasnagar regions of the Indian state of Maharashtra.

The remaining of the Sindhi speaking population is spread all over India, known as the Hindu Sindhis, since they migrated from Sindh as it became a prominent part of the country of Pakistan, right after the independence of Pakistan in the year 1947.

Historically, the term Sindhi originates from the term “Sindhu,” which again is the local name of the popular river Indus. Like other popular languages, Sindhi to is influenced heavily by Sanskrit, Pali, and Prakrit. Additionally, a lot of it is also borrowed from English as well as Hindustani.

It has 46 consonant phonemes and 16 vowels. It is written in many scripts, which include: Gurmukhi, Khojki, as well as Khudabadi.

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