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About Saurashtra Language

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Saurashtra Language

Belonging to the family of Indo-Aryan languages, Saurashtra is mainly spoken by the Saurashtrian community in India.

They fundamentally resided in the Indian state of Gujarat, however, eventually migrated to South India. This is precisely the reason that other than Gujarat, the majority of the native speakers of this language reside in the south Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, as well as Andhra Pradesh. Other than that, some of them also reside in Maharashtra.

The city of Madurai situated in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu has the highest number of native speakers of Saurashtra, and as on today is the cultural hub of people belonging to this community. According to the census of 2001, there are over 2,00,000 native speakers of the language.

As per the census of India, Saurashtra language is placed as a subdivision of the Gujarati language. Coming to the scripts used to write Saurashtra, the scripts used are: Saurashtra script, Latin script, Devanagiri script, as well as Tamil script.

Despite having the above mentioned scripts for its write up, Saurashttra till today exists more as a spoken language only and due to absence of schools treating it as a compulsory language, there’s a lack in population knowing how to read and write in Saurashtra. The phonology of the language is quite similar to other Indo-Aryan languages, and it has striking similarities with Konkani language.

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