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Rabha Language

Belonging to the family of Sino-tibetan languages, Rabha language is mainly spoken in the north-eastern state of Assam in India.

Other than Assam, the language is also remotely spoken by some of the residents of the northern slopes in the Indian state of Meghalaya and some parts of West Bengal and Nagaland.

The geographical distribution of the language is the following: It is spoken in the districts of Darrang, Goalpara, as well as Kamrup in Western Assam; in Jalpaiguri, Alipurduar, amd Kooch Bihar districts of West Bengal; in some parts of Nagaland; and in East Garo Hills and West Garo Hills districts in Meghalaya.

Coming to the dialects of the Rabha language, there are primarily three of them and it is said that all of these three dialects are so distinctly variable from each other that it is almost unintelligible among its own speakers coming from different regions of the Assam state, with the but-obvious differences in dialects.

The three dialects are as follows: The Rongdani dialect, also known as Rongdania dialect, the Mayturi dialect, also known as the Mayturia dialect, and lastly, the Sonnga dialect, also known as the Kocha dialect.

Out of these three, the Kocha dialect is spoken by the people residing in the northern banks of Brahmaputra, while the Mayturia and Rongdania dialects are spoken by the people residing in the southern banks of Brahmaputra.

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